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    FN Picture Thread

    I like the VFC, mine has been reliable with man rounds put through it. Trigger isn't bad, but that's relative, I never use the double action trigger anyway. And it's airsoft, trigger doesn't really matter. TM will/might be more reliable long-term, but will feel more toyish/less authentic untill metal slides come out.
  2. Bronty

    58th Shizuoka Hobby Show Tokyo Marui Products

    Why not just get the VFC at that stage, for the price a metal slide and barrel will cost you. Also the finish on the mags is cheap looking.
  3. Bronty

    E&C Full Marking AR15s and HK416s

    I just spent 130 on a Madbull FSP rail and they have a full AEG with a much better looking FSP rail...
  4. Hi I want to build a GHK M4 from scratch. What spec buffer tubes, receivers and barrel nut does it take? From what I understand, you can modify a WA barrel to fit, and it uses a WA barrel nut thread? I'd like a VLTOR style upper but I'm not sure if it's WA compatible?

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