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  1. raditz

    Viper Tech m4CQBR mk18

    Viper Tech mk18 from 2012 Colt Markings (The good version takes GHK Gen2 Mags) Good condition without scratches when you remove the Paint. I schoot something like 700e rounds in the garden, was use for training with the RS. It shoots SEMI only (bought in Germany), you need to change the disconector for a WA Style ant the you have AUTO again. 1. Madbull Daniel Defense Ris II 2. VFC KAC Front Sight 3. Iron Airsoft KAC Micro Rear Sight 4. Empty PEQ BOX Replica 5. G&P Pmag 6. LMT Gen 1 Replica Stock with Markings and Storage 7. RS Gasblock Comes without Eotech Price 430e Localization: Poland Payment: PayPal
  2. raditz

    Rare Arms XR25-EC

    For sell is a Rare Arms XR25-EC condition like new I shoot something like less than 200 Rounds (Manufacture recommended 300Rounds for Break In). It was a display Gun in a Shop. Info: You can easy convert it to HPA, shells can be made with 3D Printer. Comes with: 1. RS rifle Case 2. 29 Schell’s 3. Optic 1x4 with Geissele style mount 4. Manual 5. All Tools 6. Two Magazines 7. Package with different rail covers 8. Stock is RS Magpul ACS 9. Some Test Plastic Schell’s 10. O- Ring Package 11. Custom key to Remove the Co2 Tank Price 750e Shipping from Poland Payment PayPal.

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