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    Custom Patches

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    Custom Patches

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    Custom Patches

    Melon Patches are your number one source for any custom patches are all we do! With a thousand of different styles, colors, designs, and attachment options. We are your one-stop, no-problem source if you want custom patches for sports team, businesses, army units patches, motorbike clubs and events, camping, scouting, martial arts or any other purpose. Our customized patches are best for uniforms, duffle bags, jackets or any other use. We supply top fantastic patches at outstanding prices, with an unbeatable customer service. Melon Patches, customized patches are all we do. If you need custom patches for sport teams, businesses, Navy patches, motorcycle clubs and events, camping, scouting, martial arts or any other purpose. We make your shopping for experience rapid and easy. Our design team has years of experience and thousands of orders below their collective belt. We’ll use that journey to design some great-looking custom patches to your specific specifications.

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