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  1. Yeah, I had to get one from WGC, no one in the UK had any when I wanted mine. I was told others would fit, but never tried, as I bought a few bits from WGC and just added it to the order.
  2. There you go: http://www.wgcshop.com/wgc2008/main/product_detail1.php?search_From=searchItem&item=VFC-ACC-TSMS&search=special&rs=swivel&catid=&cat=
  3. Noticed exactly the same thing with mine yesterday actually. I'm 'sure' it was fine previously, but it does have me wondering. Going to have mine drilled out slightly as well. What size drill bit did you guys use?
  4. Well, what FPS is it firing now? Best bet is to get a decent hop runner and H nub
  5. The RA Tech lipo looks to be a custom one too
  6. Got a load of clone mags with mine, so I presume they're Dboys unless anyone else makes them? They seem to be absolutely fine, they feed great.
  7. Guess I should add mine Excuse the tactical sofa
  8. Anyone got pics of a PDW with RA Tech lipo fitted? Mine's such a tight fit I had to strip the gun down to get it in
  9. Point Blank Interceptor with kevlar inserts and Woodland collar (couldn't find a CB one at a reasonable price). Throat guard is SDS and shows the difference in shades of CB. Pouches are AITES AIFAK and 200rd SAW pouch
  10. I'd have said a Ford Focus rather than an Astra, although saying that my mate's the same size as you and he has a 1.2 Corsa which is cheap to insure and with the back sits folded down fits 2 with all our airsofts kit in easily
  11. Finally got some pics of mine in daylight!
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