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  1. price dropped to £25 for shirt, £10 for cap, or £30 for both
  2. Make: T-Shirt is a Tactical Performance Corp Tactical Pocket Shirt - features sleeve pockets with velcroCap is an OPS/UR-Tactical baseball cap - features velcro front and side patchesCondition: Brand new unworn - doesn't fit me and too expensive to send backSize: T-shirt is XL / 44inch - cap is one size fits allSplits/Swaps/Part Exchange: will splitPrice/Payment: £35 for T-shirt, £15 for cap - both for £40 - price includes postage/packing/paypal costsPictures:
  3. Make: Viper / Regatta / Chinese clones Condition: All new and unused apart from trying on - excluding the regatta softshells Size: Large Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: Will sell individually or as bulk, no swaps Price/Payment: Each item priced individually including postage, discounts for multiple buys available, Viper armour hoodie - Label Size XL but is 44inch chest and runs tight - £15 Viper Shoulder Pack - Single strap sling pack approx 12l - £15 Viper Assault pack - small tactical pack approx.18l - £15 Viper Water bottle carrier - molle attachable pouch with small
  4. Make: ARES Gun/Model: Amoeba CCR Accessories: 1 Ares Hicap, 3 Nuprol fastmag pull cord hicaps 3 Nuprol 11.1v 1200mah Lipo batteries (20C 24A cont) Ares CCP sling swivel Nuprol charger Bottle of .2s Mapleleaf 60 degree hop rubber Condition: Brand New, haven't skirmished it - lockdown acquirement, but going back to my pistols. Have swapped out hop rubber for a mapleleaf one. Was a two tone so it got painted up in tacticool urban grey - goes well with both Viper Titanium or Helikon Shadow Grey gear, goes fairly well with desert
  5. tbf Nuggan thinks these new fangled musket things are abominations - it is pretty good a smiting heretics though
  6. Been such a long time since i've actually posted I cant even remember what my user name was :-D Needed some spray an pray in my life seeing as been about 10 years since I last owned an AEG. Had forgotten what its like having hi-caps rattling around...
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