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  1. Well my first update after the skirmish. One word: SUPERB! Everything worked as needed, programming is easy and doable at the field if needed. All the settings worked. I would like to comment more but there is nothing more to say really. Will skirmish some more and keep you guys posted with regular updates and if any problems arise then about those as well. Only thing noticeable is the motor heat that is more then regular due to me using the first active breaking level as well. If anyone interested then my skirmish vid is here: 11.1V 1400mah lipo, M110 spring, stock gears, china to
  2. eWell it has been a long wait. I had the Spectre some time ago for testing but life had its own plan and really did not have the time. Now I managed to get some free time and the first thing on my list was to check out that black box sitting on my desk. Please not that I have had pretty bad experience with the ASCU Gen3 stuff so I will do some comparisson to that as well. Base gun is a Lonex M4 with some aftermarket parts, but mostly stock or near stock internally. First up I must say that the packaging is about 1000 times better and more secure than the ASCU which just came in a plain th
  3. Well, I don´t usually post in the videos thread. But when I do it ends with a 9x pistol killing spree in 7 seconds flat! Thats what I call room clearing. C-c-c-c-combobreaker!
  4. An update - it has been one month and 3 e-mails to Airsoft Systems. Zero replies. I contacted the reseller Gunfire.pl who said that since they did not do the install of the unit, they can not help me and suggested that I contact with Airsoft Systems directly. Nice little circle - isn`t it. Btw - anyone interested in the unit I will sell mine for as little/much as I can get for it. The only thing "broken" in the ASHU + ASCU combo is the microswitch that goes under the bolt lock. The cabling and the units themselves are in working order. Though I could not get the ASHU hopup chamber to give go
  5. Maybe, but then in my case it would have to had failed.
  6. Well I just checked the manual that came with the ASCU. Quote from it: "The ASCU has an integrated Low Drain Protection, which is specially designed to keep LiPo batteries from damage." There are not a lot of ways you can understand that quote. As I understood it, you do not have to disconnect your Lipo battery because it has Low Drain Protection. There is nowhere in the manual stated that you have to disconnect your battery to prevent it from being completely drained. P.S. still no word from them.
  7. Exactly my point. I had a 11.1V 2000mah lipo, that was half-full just as it has to be. So it should not, in normal conditions, drain the battery in a week.
  8. Here are my final findings with the ASHU hopup chamber. This is extra to the info in the first posts. Since Madbull Blue hopup rubber was in a review test, I had to order it to try and get it to work. That was another 10 euros not very wisely spent. The madbull blue hopup rubber did install okay and looked good but it did not perform any good. 1) It did not feed, not even with Magpul pmags, which have a very strong spring. 2) When it did feed (about 1 in 10 shots) then I got a FPS reading well below the average (about 10-15m/s less or 30-40FPS less). That was it and I have no other tests
  9. Hey, Since I had already previously installed a standard mosfet then comparisson to that it did not. If you had a standard switch assembly and you install the ASCU then yes, probably it will.
  10. +1 to this. As of this moment then only "great and beyond believe performance" products they have shown us are 1) on a picture or 2) as a prototype. Now on the other hand ALL the real products they have produced (ASCU line + ASHU) seem to fail at every step. Since when is a manufacturer rated by hype? And lets be honest - Airsoft Systems IS based on a LOT of hype, specially before the release of the ASCU Gen3. Well we fixed that, didn´t we? P.S. Wasn´t it so that a whole lot of units (ASAR) inside Bulgaria were supposed to be sent out to test users already last year and they are stil
  11. Well just as I predicted I am not the only one with loads of problems with this unit. I checked out Airsoft Systems Facebook page and there are tons of people already now posting different problems on there. Since I still haven´t got a reply from Airsoft Systems, I decided to post the videos with descriptions to their FB page as well. Maybe it will speed things up a bit. Airsoft Systems FB page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Airsoft-Systems/150377941783808
  12. Background: I have been wanting for an advanced mosfet trigger unit for my Lonex M4 for a long time now. I always tought that they were overpriced and not good enough. After I saw Airsoft Systems Gen3 ASCU and ASHU combo (trigger unit and hopup with "empty mag" function) I knew that this was something I wanted. That is maximum realism and PTW like AEG. The price was steep though - 85 EUR for the ASCU and 30 eur for the ASHU. I explained myself that I needed it and so I ordered it via a local dealer who inturn got it from the official dealer www.gunfire.pl The review: First up the package. Wh
  13. Nothing fancy here, but still maybe some enjoyable video material for other airsofters. Recorded with: Gopro Hero2 in 1080P Location: Männiku, Estonia
  14. Why M120 instead on M100? Well the answer is the same as why a VSR rifle should have a 150m/s upgrade instead of a 120m/s one. A little bit of extra range and extra speed. However I ofcourse agree that a big failure rate is not worth it. That is why I asked about the shells braking. Bjorn
  15. I have tried sorbos. Please be more specific - do you mean that in general gearbox shells break or THESE (M4 EBB) shells break in winter time? Because ver.3 gearboxes hold up rahter fine in harsh environments. B.
  16. Without reading the whole 130 pages can anyone confirm if this version gearbox can hold a 400fps tuneup fine in minus Celsius in the winter as well? Regular Ver.2 gearboxes go like sandwitches even at 328FPS when played under 0C. Anyone heard of these broken as well? Bjorn
  17. Ah yeah! Nice work guys. One of the best videos, and funniest, that I have seen in a few months! Keep up the good job over @ Denmark.
  18. bjorn


    Actually it depends of the viewpoint. If I remember correctly the UK forces in Afghanistan are using a .308 bolt action as a squad marksman rifle. So I guess it could go? Depends on the doctrine. Also - in airsoft you are usually doing a DM job with a bolt action rifle. Bjorn
  19. LOL after all those James videos promising absolutely top notch stuff? Do they even do ANY quality testing before releasing a new rifle? B.
  20. good vid of a regular small sunday skirmish in Estonia. Me and some buddies of mine are wearing TruSpec/5.11 OD uniforms. Bjorn
  21. Nope I´ve had my own for quite a few years now, but my friend had your VSR at the same game as well and we rocked! B.
  22. Waiting.... Running for the last kill of the session: Moving out of OP: Bjorn
  23. Thanks guys. Didnt really expect to get any good feedback, since you see mostly movement and stalking, not so much shooting at targets that others could see as well. I will try to get another camera some day with a proper zoom lens and tape it to my VSR. B.
  24. Made my first headcam vid at last game. Nothing spectacular. Since the Contour HD is 135 degrees wideview then you cant really see the targets that I am shooting. It IS a good video that shows the environment we play at in Estonia. Also - in the middle of the vid I managed to take 8 shots on targets without them noticing me in the bush. Ghillie helped a lot. I guess that was kind of a highlight for me as an avid airsoft sniper. ere you go. Enjoy.
  25. I dont own the rifle anymore but I can say this. After a few months of use the plastic body start giving away. It doesnt break, but it start to squeak a lot. Pretty annoying really. Also the hopup rubber didnt survive for very long. At the time it was a great choise. Now you have lots of newcomers like Well VSR and SR series rifles, JG VSR series, Snow Wolf M24-s etc. Bjorn
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