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  1. Everything is good for civilian of "Tanaka saa.45 casyopea system" and a cavalry...... model. The BB airsoft gun body, cylinder and gas shell, six. I'd like to buy everything. I think "It's worth more than 700 dollars." But. There was a partner who said before, that it was sold for 750 dollars including the shipping charge by this bulletin board. Dealings weren't formed. If I sent money, a contact couldn't be made any more. Oh, it'll be a cheat. It's severe mercilessly. So remittance between the individual of PayPal isn't done. I don't trade by a currency virtually. Remittance method by which
  2. I'm looking for Tanaka's SAA.45CASYOPEA model. The rarity is understood. Could you look for the collector who sells secondhand at your store? I buy by your store and buy me from your store. A handling charge will be also paid. Please. For example ebay is also fine. If you sell it to only me. I'm thinking between 800-1000 dollars. Including the shipping charge.
  3. I'm looking for very rare air soft cancer. Tanaka SAA.45 CASYOPEA model Detachable cylinder. I want you to look for the collector who sells someone. I'd like to buy that from a store. I want you to designate a store of the air soft cancer which executes dealings vicariously. Even paypal and a credit card will be safe dealings. I'll pay a handling charge to a store. Isn't there anyone who sells SAA.45 of CASYOPEA? I'd like to take data of base pin for the gas housing unit of the cylinder. Reproduction of a repair part is also considered. I make the compatibility last, and would like to hang REA
  4. I want you to spare me only a cylinder and internal units.
  5. I'm looking for it. I wish for purchase. I'm looking for. The collector who thinks you may leave. I buy it. Please sell it to me. I'd like to pay in PayPal. I'd like to say this item sometime and get at any cost. You who thought it might be sold. Please show me the price.
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