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  1. Classic Army M15A4 full metal body with with the Armalite stamp. Includes 2 300bb hicap mags and hard case. Battle tested down at Dragon Vally Airsoft with 47 confirmed kills! Comes with battery and charger but battery will not hold its charge, maybe one of you guys knows how to revive it. Ejection port/hop up cover has a hole in it as shown. It was like this when I bought it, it seems that the original magnet is missing so the owner before me replaced it with another magnet. Battery coneection is a large Tamiya as shown in photos. This is a stock gun fir
  2. Cheers guys...thanks for the replys. I'll be posting them for sale next week.Times are hard so they'll be reasonably priced.
  3. HI one and all I have a Classic Army Metal Body M15a4 and Marui Mp5 kurtz and a Mp5 Sd5 for sale, (all have been battle tested at Dragon Valley!) Which batteries do you guys recommend as their original batteries dont really hold a charge so I'd like to replace them with something decent but not too expensive as I may have to add that extra cost to the sale price. I didn't buy the guns new but I'm assuming that they are stock. The Classic Army and Sd5 came with(and shared) the battery shown below. The Kurtz's stick battery dosent want to come out and is putting up fierce resistance. I
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