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  1. Hi, I am seeling my TM VSR10 with a Mancraft Kit and everything you need to run as a nicely upgraded spring rifle. Comes with an Action Army barrel and hop up, upgraded 450fps spring cylinder 2 other hop ups 4 TM VSR magazines. This will only be sold as a package and will be sold for the cost of a VSR and a mancraft kit so all the other stuff is free. Comes with everything you see in the first image. I would rather do a face to face and I am willing to travel from Gloucestershire to meet you with a deposit. Drop me a message if you would like to make and offer or arrange the sale. P
  2. Blackhawk Serpa holster, leg holster and Carrier mount. All geniune Blackhawk. Postage £5 feel free to make an offer. Request other pictures as they are too large to upload.
  3. 1. Surefire Replica Scout with Palm Switch 2. 3x Flip to the side Magnifier 3. Surefire Replica Pistol Flashlight 4. WE Optics Holo Sight 5. ACM Tracer Unit 6. FAB Defence Ergo Foregrip Got no fixed price on any of these. Postage is £3 per item or £5 if you just want the lot. Make an offer, it's a clear out and I have no fixed prices.
  4. Selling a New Holosun HS515C Red dot. New in box and never used. Grab a bargain for a genuine real steel optic. RRP is around £300 and it comes with everything in the box. Postage £5
  5. Oshiboom grenade 9mm and boomclip. Looking for a quick sale so make an offer. Price is £50 plus £5 postage but feel free to make an offer
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