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  1. Hi all, I have decided to leave this hobby, so I am selling everything. UKARA proof required for all AEGS and GBBs. Collection preferred (Plymouth), postage to be discussed dependent on purchases. I'm open to all offers. AEGs STAR M14 SOPMOD - £120 Looks great, really solid rifle, stands out. Adjustable stock and cheek-plate. Very accurate. Bought 2nd hand by me, skirmished ~3 times. Completely rebuilt gearbox with new gears. Works fine (can provide video). Provided with: 2x medium capacity magazines (+1 broken magazine) PEQ battery box ICS M4A1 - £100 Rock solid skirmishing rifle. Bought new by me, skirmished ~15 times. Rebuilt gearbox with new gears. Works fine (can provide video). Re-routed battery cable to rear (battery bag provided) NB. Stock still fully actuates. Carry handle modified to fit ACOG sight. Provided with: Original ICS hi-cap magazine Battery bag Carry handle Flip up rear sight Front sling point (needs roll pins, not included) Custom made stock adaptor Custom made threaded adaptor for receiver front thread A&K M4 RIS - £80 Bought 2nd hand by me, skirmished twice. Provided with: Original A&K hi-cap magazine Custom made sling point - fitted between receiver and stock. GBBs WE 1911 - £50 Custom polished controls, and custom-made beechwood grips. Un-tested - sold as seen. Provided with: Original grips. Two magazines. HFC M190 - £50 Custom polished slide. Un-tested - sold as seen. Provided with: Two extended magazines. Accessories G&P 30 mm red-dot sight - £20 Guarder rifle bag (space for two + submachine gun + pistol holster + skirmish gear - great bit of kit) - £15 Plastic pistol case with eggbox foam - £10 Sprung bipod foregrip - £10 NiMH / NiCad battery charger - £8 ICS M4 hi-cap magazine - £8 Classic Army M4 hi-cap magazine - £7 TM foregrip - £5 ~2800 0.2g BBs - £5 Mesh goggles / facemask - £4 Speedloader - £3 4 x 100 mm RAS rails - £3 each or 4 for £10 Shims, battery connector, springs - free with other purchase Thanks, CC
  2. casey_cole

    The Forbidden Planet Looms!

    "Me: Well, how long to go now? Geoff: 5 weeks. Me: How long!? Geoff: Yeah, we should start working pretty soon..." This has been the story for most of the last two months. Let me explain: my school is putting on a performance of "Return to the Forbidden Planet", which is a rock and roll musical based on the plot of Shakespeare's The Tempest. The cast (appropriately dressed in silver catsuits, sawn-off pink wellies and star-trek hoodies) are doomed! Dooooomed I tell thee! Their ship is on its way to The Forbidden Planet for some romantic, guitar driven high jinks, and the audience is being dragged with them. So... "Where do I fit in in all this?", I hear you ask! Well, I am an amateur theatre technician at my school - and this is Big. Our director, Malcom has gone, frankly, mad. He wants moving lights, smoke, visibible hazed beams, and more generics than you can shake a stick at. For the first time (literally) ever, we were given a hire budget of around £550 for lighting alone. This is because all the pyrotechnics and sound are being organised by external companies (he obviously doesn't trust us ). Well, £550 became £600, £600 evolved to £650 but we weren't satisfied. We could have had £10,000 and still wanted more - but such is life! Anyway, with our £650 we've ordered (to hire) one Zero 88 Fat Frog lighting control desk, a demux (converts digital signal output to analogue), 4 MAC 250+ movers and all the associated cabling. As we need more generics (normal lights) than ever, we need more dimmer packs. (Def: Dimmer Pack A device exactly like a big variable resistor, effectively. However, it deals with 240V at 10A (enough to kill a horse) and can dim it to an analogue scale. Also - it does 12 lights on 6 channels.) So - we've nicked them. Well, we nicked them from ourselves - see, we have two venues: the main hall, and performing arts. We stole the two from performing arts and plan to put them up in the lighting box with the normal 4. However, they're not standard mains input. They take 32A - that means one ring main for four of them! We needed two new lines to be put in to power the new pair, but unfortuantely I think the sparky's gone and wired thm to the same ring main - meaning a total possible draw of 144A on a 100A line. Not good. Also - one of the normal dimmer packs blew up today and shot jets of fire out of the side! So - the date looms ever closer, and as normal - everything's breaking! CC
  3. casey_cole

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    Oho! CC
  4. casey_cole

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    People who give phone numbers like this: 0168 429 4330 or 0168 42 94 33 0 The damn area code is five digits! It's: 01684 294330 5 digits for the code 6 for the goddamn number. 01684 294 330 is also acceptable. CC
  5. casey_cole

    Videos Thread !

    Video Name: HFC M190 Weapon / Objectice: HFC M190 - to display capabilities. Type: GBB Video Type: WMV Video Size: 3 mb Video Length: 48 seconds Made by: casey_cole Nothing special, CC
  6. casey_cole

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    Current rant - how do you spell "ooga chakka, ooga ooga"? Two more posts till 10,000 for Sledge!!! CC

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