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    As shop we have an endless supply. As a player i have to much............. Nope never enough
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  1. Here is a picture of the team we Sponsor at Imperium Airsoft in Kent. Fire Team A.R.E.S
  2. Hi Big AL every little helps i appreciate you taking time to reply I knew about Shoot and scoot and the Czech variant. But that was were my path ended too.
  3. Hi We are a shop and new to this site. We eat sleep live airsoft and for us its it literally life. we have many years experience playing selling and tech. Only here to help the community. In advance hi nice to meet you and you oh hi you aswell lol. Cheers Bravo.
  4. Good Morning I have a customer that is trying to find an airsoft Bren Gun has any body got any contacts or know anywhere that makes and sells them. If i can sell him one i would like to keep our customer happy and help him source one.
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