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  1. Yh i still need comfirmation from the person who will be making them but he gave me a quick quote for how much it will be around so im basing my prices off that for now it could be more after i get the proper quote.
  2. No its just an initial idea i just wanted to see if there was an intrest
  3. Hi, everyone thanks for checking this post out. I have come up with an idea that I think may intrest some people who like building hi-capas. The basic idea is that you send me an email or tell me what kind of serations, engravings, colour and cut outs you want on a hi-capa slide and i make it with aluminium (what 90% of slides are made of). It would be cnc machined to 0.1mm of accuracy (width of a single hair) The price will be about £100-150 depending on the complexity. I can provide some examples of what i've already done. If there is enough intrest i'll put up a site where y
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