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  1. Out of interest do you have one or have you used one ?
  2. Yes extremely expensive for what it is but it’s is by far nicer with a fantastic finish I’m hoping that when g&g pull there thumbs out and get there version out it will be just as nice though 5 shot is a game spoiler unless it’s has some major power behind it ether way as a collector I’ll be having one just hope the price is more sensible £300-450 max
  3. Ye again as probably no one that actually commented about it has one I thought I’d put a post up as I have one
  4. 😉 to all that posted there thoughts and feelings on the ktw lee Enfield yes it’s crazily priced I played £1200 but got 75 off the new ktw Randall so was a good deal for me I have to say it’s not a bad rifle its very sturdy and smooth shooting had it doing 100 meters with a .30g bb I opted for this one over the rwa that has more floors and the finish is not as good as this one yes I agreed it’s not a skirmish gun I’d hate to drop it at that price but it might be if it was half the price I’m shore there will be a clone that will be cheaper maybe even the g&g might be cheaper but
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