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  1. Hey all! I live over here in Thailand, and parts for airsoft guns are hard to get. I was looking at upgrading my barrel, and found one online that is listed as an AEG barrel. I have a Snow Wolf. Would the barrel fit the hop-up or would I have to do some grinding on the end to fit it into the hop up? Thanks
  2. Excellent! Thank you for taking the time to respond and for that drawing. It answered the question that there should indeed be one of those rings at EACH end of the receiver. I pulled the trigger again today (I'm getting pretty good at it! lol) and saw that on the bottom of the sear , the edge that rides above the trigger-bar after being fired, was indeed scraped raw. Reassembled again, fired a few rounds perfectly but now does not pick up a BB reliably. It now cocks on each attempt but no BB. Are M24s considered problematic in this way? Loading issues? I hate to replace the whole trigger
  3. Hi, all! I'm having a bit of difficulty with my Snow Wolf M24, (I know, I know...it's like a Model T now...) and wondered if anyone would be kind enough to suggest some possible 'causes' for the symptoms. It's about 3-4 years old, very little use, ( strictly target ). 1. It had been developing a problem with the trigger and safety, the safety seemed to work its way back to being stuck between 'Fire' and 'Safe', jamming the trigger, and when it was pushed to 'Fire' the rifle fired. I guess I was somehow brushing the top of the safety lever when working the bolt, but when I checke
  4. Hi, all! I'm new here, but thought I'd take this opportunity to request folks to post pics of what they use for targets, (when they're NOT playing airsoft games, obviously). This is a little rack I built from PVC tubing and coat-hanger wires. The 'targets" are made from varying sizes of plastic bottles and caps, cut to fit, and are designed to 'swing' when hit. Makes it easier to actually tell when one hits it and also is kind of fun to see them spin all the way around, especially the blue bottle caps on the top row.. Cheap, and versatile. I sometimes hang printed paper targets of ra
  5. Here's my truck (named "Herbie"} 20 years old and I love it to pieces.
  6. NICE!! Interesting design on the wheels' spokes and discs. What's the displacement (engine size) and the maker?
  7. Greetings. I'm an American, (Pittsburgher) and have been living in Thailand for over 20 years, teaching Science, English and Health in international schools in Bangkok, then Khon Kaen, then Bangkok again. Now I'm semi-retired, and living in Khon Kaen. I started shooting REAL firearms as a kid in the Boy Scouts, then in the Army, (where I was lucky enough to qualify as 'Expert') and then did a lot of collecting and shooting when I lived, for a few years, in Phoenix. I was almost finished with my AZ State Firearms Safety Instructor's license classes when I decided to move over here, right aft
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