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  1. Excellent buyer. Super fast payment. No BS'ing.

  2. My new marui M9 w/ Zeke full metal kit.
  3. Quick question. where can I get the old school p226 grip. I believed its checkered with no trademarks. I am not looking for the hogue grip.
  4. how much did it cost to build that kimber, asianapple. I am saving funds now to build one too.
  5. Elvis where did you find the old school grip? Me want one.
  6. Here is the correct site for Pro Win copy of BlackWater P226 http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airs...il?prodID=23653
  7. Anyone know if I can use a RS glock sight, the stock one, on a marui g17?
  8. anyone wanna sell me their stock sights for the marui g17
  9. Any have the orginal marui g17 rear sight they dont want anymore?
  10. go to the Silenced Gun pic thread. some guy has 2 usp, both with silver slide.
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