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  1. Selling a couple of combat shirts/pants. While they're in the US, I can ship them overseas if you indicate. 1. Kurmaz Gear Crye G2 combat shirt/pants in Japanese Type 1 camouflage pattern The shirt/pants are made in Crye G2 style by Roman. The Japanese Type 1 Training Evaluation Unit camo was sourced from Japan years ago. Had it with me for at least two years. Still newish looking. Only tested it once to see if it fits me. Selling it off as I'm (tentative) moving to Singapore to attend Masters. Size for the shirt is at Medium Regular (37 to 41 inches chest size) wit
  2. Hey folks. Have been on the AA site before from the 2000s. Am familiar with airsoft, intially growing up in Hong Kong before I moved back to Manila and then to Vancouver and back. Only had the chance to do airsoft in Akihabara with the shooting ranges they got. Since there are plans for me to relocate (if and when) to get a Masters, I'm busy looking for places to sell off my tactical gear. I plan to put up a post about it here.
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