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  1. thx

    Videos Thread !

    Two Irene 5 videos on our recon page http://www.taskforceblackeagle.net/recon.html
  2. thx

    Videos Thread !

    TaskForce Black Eagle's Operation: Irene 5 video #1 http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=4358761594444737429
  3. thx

    Videos Thread !

    Black Eagles second video from Irene 4 is available for download or streaming. Links to both are on our recon page. http://www.taskforceblackeagle.net/recon.html
  4. thx

    Videos Thread !

    Black Eagle's first Irene 4 video is available for download or streaming from our recon page. Enjoy. One Team...One Fight. http://www.taskforceblackeagle.net/recon.html
  5. thx

    Videos Thread !

    The official Operation: Black Aurora video is now available for your viewing pleasure at: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=29...&q=black+aurora This was compiled from footage taken at the day of the event from various cameras.
  6. thx

    Videos Thread !

    Another New Distant Horizon Video!!! Another member of Task Force Black Eagle, Oscar, also has a helmet cam and has posted his video from Distant Horizon. Its video #2 on our distant horizon recon page. http://www.blackeagleairsoft.net/distanthorizon.htm
  7. thx

    Videos Thread !

    Black Eagle has a new video from Operation Distant Horizon hosted by 08 E.U. Check it out at http://www.blackeagleairsoft.net/distanthorizon.htm There will be more videos from this event so keep an eye out for them.

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