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  1. Why thank you! It's just a bolted on piece of picatinny rail, not much to photograph really. I have since decided to barrel mount it via a SF M10 adapter instead:
  2. GHK AKM painted in tan with custom engravings, MP Zhukov stock w/ cheek riser, LCT Z-series "Classic" rails and a repro US Palm grip.
  3. My two GHKs; one 551 with an RS handguard and HW repro ACOG TA11 in SIG Grey and a 553 in black with a HW repro Aimpoint T-2
  4. My VFC MP5 GBBRs, both ver. 2. One MP5K-PDW and one MP5A2 with VFC "early model" SEF lower. RS H&K claw mount and RS Aimpoint 5000 on the A2, RS H&K magazine clamp on both. The SEF lower on the MP5K-PDW I'm not sure about, I bought it on a whim from a guy and it was a drop-in fit
  5. Not meaning to spam! But I just received my new Viper Tech Colt Model 701 (M16A2) painted in Colt Grey cerakote that I have been waiting for for a while now. Really happy with this one, now I need a RS surplus sling and furniture
  6. Thanks! The Aimpoint was bought used on a marketplace i Norway. There's quite a lot of them here and the price isn't too bad (around 200-400 USD depending on condition). Perk from being next to Sweden I suppose
  7. This is my VFC MP5A2 GBBR with RS H&K Claw mount, RS Aimpoint 5000 and RS H&K magazine clamp. It's also sporting the "early model" SEF lower as well as slimline handguard and original Norwegian army issued sling
  8. Hey all! I kind of stumbled upon this thread by accident while searching for M16A2 receiver markings on google and saw one of Catgut's amazing VT's. Which brought me here I have been working on a Viper Tech M723 "Operation Gothic Serpent" clone for a while now and just recently got a more period correct carry handle scope mount installed than my previous A.R.M.S. #02 repro. This was a MGW Weaver mount that I bought from Brownells EU that turned out to be slightly too wide for my Viper Tech carry handle "gutter" and needed som fitting. Luckily I know a gunsmith and I took it to his shop j
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