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No Mercy

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  • Birthday 06/20/1990

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    june 2003
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    Diamondback Tactical Predator RBV in Camel Tan (Discontinued)
    Trijicon Ta31RCO acog
    Trijicon Accupoint Tr21r
    Larue SPR-E mount
    Daniel Defense 12.0 Lite Ras
    Magpul CTR stock and Flat earth Accessories
    Peltor Comtac II's

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    The Megaforce Doesnt Approve.
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    United States

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    Marblehead, MA
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    Obviously Not Airsoft, Girls, Fishing, Supercharged cars, my Fx, stillen shit, Being awesome...
  1. No Mercy

    Videos Thread !

    Lol, the video wont play correctly for me, it seemes broken up like a slide show. O noes.

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