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    Diamondback Tactical Predator RBV in Camel Tan (Discontinued)
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  1. I liked it alot, no problem with both eyes open at 1.25x Only thing i never liked was how small the feild of view was, 24mm just is too small
  2. Trijicon Tr21r in larue SPR-E Trijicon Ta31RCO-m4
  3. Needs a bigger sunshade Maveric...
  4. I Spy the Seals cat... Must be a Navy sealz gearz Cat wantz
  5. ya, Zussman MOUT at Fort Knox in Kentucky 18 years old to go, Unless your me who can change the age limit.
  6. I wish i could go to one of these too lololozlozlz
  7. well haven't been using multicam much anymore, too many people have it, But i decided that i should pull it out, and apparently at the feild i was at, it worked. blended well.
  8. Crye chassis? replicrye chassis you mean?
  9. I believe the NVS PVS-7's gen 2-3+ are not effected by the bright light.
  10. Lord sex sell me that m93b!
  11. Ya Titleist, When did you get back into airsoft
  12. 6, can i get a Pic of the PEG6
  13. hehe First gun ive ever built not using real steel parts oddly. Built it as a beater for northern wind. parts as follows - VFC m4qd Silencer, Double etched trades -CA CQBR frontset(will change to KAC and a 10.3" when i get back) -Copy KAC covers and vert grip -G&P m4a1 metal body -Proud Wilcox repo mount -G&P aimpoint(changing to one with trades) -King arms BUIS -VFC CQC sling mount -CA crane stock(changing to a LMT when i get back) as i said built not to die, internals are around forum limits, a little over, Kicks out like 22 rounds a seco
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