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  1. I liked it alot, no problem with both eyes open at 1.25x Only thing i never liked was how small the feild of view was, 24mm just is too small
  2. Trijicon Tr21r in larue SPR-E Trijicon Ta31RCO-m4
  3. Needs a bigger sunshade Maveric...
  4. I Spy the Seals cat... Must be a Navy sealz gearz Cat wantz
  5. ya, Zussman MOUT at Fort Knox in Kentucky 18 years old to go, Unless your me who can change the age limit.
  6. I wish i could go to one of these too lololozlozlz
  7. well haven't been using multicam much anymore, too many people have it, But i decided that i should pull it out, and apparently at the feild i was at, it worked. blended well.
  8. Crye chassis? replicrye chassis you mean?
  9. I believe the NVS PVS-7's gen 2-3+ are not effected by the bright light.
  10. Lord sex sell me that m93b!
  11. Ya Titleist, When did you get back into airsoft
  12. 6, can i get a Pic of the PEG6
  13. hehe First gun ive ever built not using real steel parts oddly. Built it as a beater for northern wind. parts as follows - VFC m4qd Silencer, Double etched trades -CA CQBR frontset(will change to KAC and a 10.3" when i get back) -Copy KAC covers and vert grip -G&P m4a1 metal body -Proud Wilcox repo mount -G&P aimpoint(changing to one with trades) -King arms BUIS -VFC CQC sling mount -CA crane stock(changing to a LMT when i get back) as i said built not to die, internals are around forum limits, a little over, Kicks out like 22 rounds a seco
  14. better pictures tomorrow, Still awaiting my PEQ and M951
  15. Some 20$ lockable case i bought at ACE hardware lol
  16. woot i have rare "ditched" gear woot.
  17. Peltor Comtac II's Dual Nato wired Peltor PTT adapter for the Icom m88
  18. yep thats the one. and Op Northern wind deployment gear, Not at all done packing,AT ALL.
  19. Jc is that a g3, m4 g36... O wait its a paintball gun...
  20. it *fruitcageing* sucks, I cant draw at all. Ill buy a safariland as soon as i get everything else i need for Northern wind and BDU, Its a Triadtactical hat
  21. Still waiting for IR flag patches Sawtooths Mich 2001 with notoros mount Mechanix gloves Icom radio and PTT And parts to finish my CQBR
  22. You cant read the customer reviews right under the description on that page?
  23. alright cool, i was looking to see how i could tell for sure thanks
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