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  1. Some lovely pistols in here ! Blobface, how do you find the performance of the steel slide ? I have a TM G34 and am pondering between the alu/steel slide kits...
  2. 3hr wait for a tow truck because my bikes regulator/rectifier failed...again. ugh. I think I need to brush up on some motorcycle electronics skills.
  3. 4 hrs sleep because my brain is a retard. Bike fan /radiator/coolant system has stopped working riding home last night which was fun. Cant sort it until the weekend Up at 5am for the train to the gym, cant do public transport it drives me mad so will run home!
  4. Just seen John Wick, all future airsoft games will be played in a suit..

    1. renegadecow


      Future? Been playing in mine and it's white with shoulder pads.

    2. aznriptide859


      Join the Hitman club lol.

  5. Typically my motorcycle commuting gear failed last month just when I really need it.So I had to send it back for warranty , which is fine , no big deal. Until today when all that rain got dumped on me.ugh Also dealing with customers who are fully grown adults (I presume! who knows!) that act like children when they don't get their own way. Oh and pot holes the size of a car/bike wheel.
  6. MSBS bullpup in Gbbr plz!

    1. Probotector


      Please the Gen 3 one as an AEG, the final version looks lame.

  7. Anyone know any Uk shops with PTW cylinder/stock tube shims in stock??

  8. I've been using the white disc in my OB WE m4 for about 6 months now and it works really well. I was too lazy to make my own so was pleased when I saw FG airsoft had made something , good to see that a UK company now has them too.
  9. Z-tactical hearing protection yay or nay?

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    2. TheFull9


      Tried a couple of sets some years back (before they fabricated the name Z-tac from thin air to give themselves a clean slate) and all 3 straight up didn't work. But some people say theirs' do function. Chinese clones: Rolling the dice.

    3. jal3


      The high end sordins are so cheap now that clones ain't worth the time.

    4. mean_marine


      cheers for the info, I think I'll go with real ones.

  10. watched Collateral, now I want a USP...

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    2. scorch


      Briefcase scene or GTFO.

    3. DrAlexanderTobacco
    4. FireKnife


      Seriously? It is the most basic thing to get down. Trying to do that roll, grab gun, two shot supine, up on one knee and a speed reload is damn hard. :P

  11. Long and short. WE M4. Just need some 30rnd mags now.
  12. There's a surprise,WOC M16 back to wall hanger status! :(

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    2. mean_marine


      Constant hop related issues and yeah it has a real steel charging handle now so hopefully I wont see that problem again ;-)


    3. hitmanNo2


      Are you using the stock hop or after market?

    4. mean_marine


      Tried both, dropped you a PM :)

  13. First world problems, cant decide what to keep , Kimber warrior or SIS. Hmmn. One has to go!

    1. Leon Kennedy
    2. FireKnife


      They are both Kimbers :P.


      Personally I would keep the SIS as Warriors are boring :D.

  14. I have a pair of the quest 4d GTX too, I use them for walking/hiking etc aswell as airsoft and I agree! they really are excellent boots.
  15. Hello! So here is my quick review Flimmuur Tactical's Custom gear! I found out about Flimmuur Tactical via Arnies( I think via one of CKinnerly's posts. I decided to investigate further while I was doing a bit of browsing for custom gear makers based in the UK to get some decent pouches for my MP7 magazines. We discussed what designs would work and what material/camo pattern was needed and after sending over some measurements and Ideas we settled on the design seen below. http://www.flickr.com/photos/69134164@N02/8355249190/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/69134164@N02/8355
  16. I had this problem recently on one of my kwa mags, probably because I dropped it/kicked it across tarmac when running to cover...oops. Disassembled it and found that there is a brass tube that pushes into the bottom of the base plate, which had worked loose presumably from the above impact. Put it all back together after pushing the brass tube back into place and no problems so far. Probably worth getting a good set of punches for the pins holding the mag together, makes it a really quick job.
  17. Love my MP7 so much that I think I need to buy another one.

  18. mk12 mod 0 gbbr nearly complete, damn you missing buffer spring!!

  19. Yayayayayay! my M60 is here!:D

  20. Heres to hoping silicone sealant will stop my gbbr mags leaking!

  21. Got a free ipad case in my ehobby asia order... I dont have a Ipad :(

    1. Banshee_Will


      Most useless "gift" ever. They clearly think all us westerns are loaded.

    2. FireKnife


      Serious fail. Could be worse, could have sent you an iPad :P

  22. I purchased some spare m4 aeg parts from them a few weeks back and they arrived within a few days. No issues here.
  23. Cant decide myself. Bomer m16 or with the money saved WOC m16 and a m79 ? Tough choice!

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    2. danielsilva


      If you mean Bomber M16, obvious choice here !

    3. mean_marine


      Yeah I did, cant type today :-/ or decide.

    4. danielsilva


      Go for the Bomber, period :D

  24. Gotta love tigerstripe camo ^_^

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