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  1. Absolute top bloke. Make sure you come back in one piece, boyo!

  2. How have you attached the elastic to your lid in that pic fella? I had mine sewn onto the outside of my cover but it kept snagging on stuff. I've attached a grenade ring to the brass loop on the chin strap now but elastic is a lot less fidly so I'd rather get something like you've got going on there.
  3. Some people on this site seem to have the common misconception that PRR is Bowman. Not having a dig, just letting you guys know that Bowman is a brand new system that only a couple of regiments have managed to get there hands on yet. My regiment has it and it confuses the *beep* out of me. Its some all singing, all dancing personal email system/little flip down screen doo-dad that covers you eye and relays information to you/tracking system that allows commanders to keep track of all their people via lap-top. PRR is, for lack of a better term, a pile of dog *beep* radio that exists only to
  4. BadAssTronaut

    Album 001

    BadAss' Gallery
  5. Think you mean c*nt cap do't you mate. F*cking hell boys, some of those berets need shaping. Here's how a beret should look. I'll get you some good DPM pics Lance, just have to wait untill after Christmas when I get off leave.
  6. Your right mate. Its a TT PVS-14 hard case. BTW, if your wondering why there's a gap in the pouches at the front on the outer cumberbund its because I don't have a spare TT single kicking around ATM. Plan to add one ASAP.
  7. Heres the logo: And a (Somewhat naff) pic of the actual patch.
  8. After experiencing fogging issues whilst using ballistic goggles I decided I was going to buy myself a pair of shooting glasses, as I’d been told they were a good investment when it came to combating fogging issues. I was looking for some decent 'shooting style' glasses for a skirmish. I’d heard nothing but good things about the Oakley Pro M Frame Ballistic Shooting Array from people who had used them, and, seeing how these where the only Oakley sunglasses that were guaranteed to offer ballistic protection I went ahead and ordered a pair from a UK based company, www.shootinggear.co.uk. At firs
  9. I'll try and get some pics of my Kimber MARSOC 1911 for you guys to drool over
  10. C'mon man, give the guy a brake. Like he said, its a prototype model. How many prototypes do you see that are picture perfect? At this stage he's just built the foregrip to see if it works.
  11. How do I order my gallery to host pictures? I dont seem to have one ATM and cant figure out how I order it
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