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  1. Have you tried refreshing your cache using Ctrl + F5. Im not sure if that's the problem
  2. It does disappear after a bit, so it's not just you
  3. I think it's because when you put in '+', it searches for all three terms, whereas if you look at the google seach, the most you come up with is two of the words.
  4. Use a uploading site, such as www.photobucket.com. Make an account (it's free). Then upload your pictures from your computer into your account. You then have a img tag that looks like this: [IMG=http://www.photobucket.com/your_image_here] Paste that into your reply, and the picture should be there
  5. Mine often does that, just try clicking it a few times. It works eventually
  6. This has a Spas 12 barrel, G36 body, and FAMAS stock:
  7. A picture of me(on the left) and a friend (rogue_angel), skirmishing today
  8. Yeah, i get that as well, i think its something to do with the currency converter, because that is akmos.com. I think there was something about this in the slowness thread. EDIT ~ Nope, it was in this thread
  9. Hardcore what have you done to her
  10. Same with me, it sometimes goes really slow and then comes up with 'Page not Found'
  11. I agree, but it probably will get more attention in the site errors and suggestions forum, as LoneWolf pointed out.
  12. I posted a thread in the humour and jokes section, and when i looked later it had just disappeared .
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