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  1. teetee

    KJW M4

    Yes she's miiiine, and I'll post up my thoughts as soon as I use her this weekend! Thanks for the quick care guide.
  2. teetee

    KJW M4

    Very new to GBBRs and loving every minute with the KJ. Could anyone quickly outline what parts need lubing, how often & what type of lube to use? All this gas stuff is making me dizzy...
  3. teetee

    Artistic Airsoft

    Interesting thread to say the least. A few of mine.
  4. teetee

    1911 Picture Thread

    My 1911.
  5. teetee

    1911 Picture Thread

  6. teetee

    Artistic Airsoft

    Thanks though even my photos are hardly the height of artistry. Using Canon DSLRs, mainly a 1D Mark III. Attached below a few more pleasant compositions. If you want to see what I really get up to give my webpage a look http://www.eljackimages.com
  7. teetee

    Artistic Airsoft

    Interesting to see what other people view as 'artistic'. Here's a short contribution from me.
  8. teetee

    Videos Thread !

    Great Hitman trailer. Are all the guns airsoft guns? Very curious.
  9. teetee

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread

    Since silencers rarely make a difference on anything but NBBs or springers... *sigh*
  10. teetee

    Videos Thread !

    Myself playing at Electrowerkz London (serious CQB). Head mounted camera, quite dark so turn your brightness up. My first time taking/editing video. Video Name : Question... I *HATE* questions Weapon(s)/Objective item(s) : GR300, multiple objectives Video Length : ~9minutes Credits to : Sam @ Team XXL, Andy & the Electrowerkz marshalls, and all the Electrowerkz players
  11. teetee

    Videos Thread !

    What do you want to see? I'll try my new budget-recorder and upload a small video for ya.
  12. teetee

    Videos Thread !

    He sure showed those baking trays! That was a good laugh, thanks.

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