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  1. mr eagle

    WE M&P

    I do love them though
  2. mr eagle

    WE XDM

    Hey guys, sorry to burst in on your thread but i am looking for an instructional video/guide of how to completley take the WE slide to peices and back again. A new player decided to open his up to swap a part which was broken without finding a guide first. Thanks a lot guys. Also in regards to holster/lack there of. Why not just have one made for you? I got an M&P and ordered a kydex holster from the states that holds it with a streamlight tlr-1 on it and at my preferred cant, been using them for over a year and won't touch any other holsters.
  3. mr eagle

    WE M&P

    Really? I was using it outside in the snow last weekend and i was getting almost a fuull mag. It was doing better than most other pistols out that day. IMO i get less cool down with the M&P than i do on my 1911, 226 (both tm) and kwa USP.
  4. mr eagle

    WE M&P

    From a quick look inside, it appears to be the modifications on the previous pages.
  5. mr eagle

    WE M&P

    I got mine from Landwarrior Airsoft, before i took it home they fixed the hop issue for me and they do this to all of the M&P's they sell. I got it before Christmas and have put about 800rds through it without any issues such as burst fire. It's only been out to one skirmish and works fine with 0.25's, gets the same range i got from my TM226, i tried .28's but i wasn't getting the range i was wanting but it was a cold day and i didn't have the time/patiance to fiddle about with it.

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