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  1. they're pretty much identical, even down to markings. the only differences are that the rear sight is filled in orange paint (still has the russian 'n' character though) and it has an indent on both sides at the back of the reciever cover (the russian only has it on the left IIRC)

    Identical to what? It has an stamped receiver whilst almost everything else is AK-47 style, not to mention the bayonet on the solid stock version.


    In the Real Sword Dragonov where does the battery go?

    Stick type inside the hand guards.

  2. Shotgun pictures go in the picture thread please.


    And if someone's posted something in the wrong thread, don't be childish and call them names, just report it.

  3. mini-DSC02880.jpg






    Deactivated Kovrov PKM w/PK barrel.

    -100rnd drum and inert 7.62x54r.

    -Soviet AK sling.


    Guarder-era RPKN.

    -Real steel rear sight.

    -Real steel hand guards.

    -Soviet AK sling.

    -Hero Arms drum.

    -Soviet drum pouch.

    -1PN34 night vision sight.


    Inokatsu-era AKMS.

    -Real steel rear sight.

    -Real steel hand guards.

    -Real steel muzzle break.

    -Soviet AK sling.

    -Real steel converted Izhmash 40rnd mag.


    VFC AKS-74N

    -Real steel rear sight.

    -Real steel hand guards.

    -Real steel gas tube.

    -VFC dummy bolt.

    -Soviet AK sling.

    -Issue tourniquet.

    -Issue bandage.

    -Real steel convert Izhmash plum mag.

    -1PN58 night vision sight.


    VFC AKS-74UN

    -Real Steel hand guards.

    -Real steel muzzle break.

    -Soviet AKS-74U sling.

    -Real steel converted Molot 45rnd mag.

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