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  1. Cheers guys. :) I see you've been busy since I last saw you at MA, Hoppum!

    Yeah, the armashites are being sold off one by one to fund the ak habit :P


    AKray, try emailing TerryBo at kireekking at hotmail dot com. He's who a got my RPK kit from, and it arrived in 4 days from Taiwan!


    He either runs or works with http://akmania.com and can get most Guarder/Inokatsu kits for noticeably cheaper than most places. My RPK was $700 posted whilst on unco its $800 + postage.

  2. Very nice. I had a much needed day off today so I took some pictures







    VFC AKS-74n

    VFC AKS-74un

    Guarder RPK

    TM AK47s (Soon to be a donor for an Inokatsu kit)


    Nice '104.  How did you make it a folding stock version, by way off real steel folding parts?


    Are the Inokatsu kits easy to fit? Cause I'm looking to get the AKM/'74 style metal body they make, from Redwolf (once I can update the order).

    I believe it comes as a side folder straight out of the box.


    My guarder/inokatsu rpk was ridiculously easy to do, if you can strip an ak down to the gearbox then then you can fit the kit.

  3. Also, there is one thing that got me confused here.

    Why is the guy from team VFC showing the STAR L96?CA

    The Star desk is next to theirs? You can see L96 stock in the picture.


    Great write up Fareast. Can't wait for my AKS-74 now. You're a credit to Arnies.


    Airsoftnews.eu had some news on CAW, Top and Escort.


    Tokyo Marui Showcased their Prototype Scorpion VZ61. It features a new mini-mechbox and metal lower receiver. I will have more details in the morning. (I only caught a glimpse, Escort was very busy). Reports from viewers say it is electric blowback. Also, showcased was the new electric Beretta. (more info in the morning). (Pictures on monday, I forgot my card reader at home)


    Best Gun is showcasing their WA2000, again. No progress is made. It is proposed as a spring cocking sniper rifle which uses an AEG spring and piston. (Not terribly exciting).


    Star has a true winner this time. I have held the new L96 production model. It is scheduled to be released next month. I do not have a price at this time. Now for the good parts, I have owned and held just about every sniper rifle made in airsoft including the Asahi M40a1 and Wa2000. This is THE BEST bolt action rifle EVER made. I have held the real L96 (custom folding model) and this feels solid as a rock. First, the body is better than the Tanaka and lacks the sharp seams that tears at your middle finger. The folding stock is solid with no play. The hinge and locking mechanism are metal. The barrel is machined aluminum as is the receiver. The bolt and cocking handle are gorgeous...machined metals all around....no cheap castings hear. Cocking is clean and crisp with a solid battery. Now for the gory details...the system is gas in the bolt....that means no expensive mags to buy/lose. The magazine holds 50 rounds and the bolt is said to hold enough gas for 100+ rounds. I will have more details tomorrow. (pictures to come).


    CAW was showing their new Benelli M4 (shotgun). Its not the greatest model I've ever seen, but it is clean and very accurate in appearance. It is magazine driven, firing 29 rounds. The gun is single shot and spring action. The cocking/shell tube is aluminum and the internal system/chassis is cast metal. The best part is the price, roughly 180usd. Its a potential sleeper and fills the gap that Tokyo Marui left us with. CAW also informed me they are working on a stock and sight system for their WW2 German Walther Grenade Launcher. It is to be modeled after the real units. No date or price on this piece.


    TOP showcased their new blowback M249 with great success. In the spotlight was the new gas/drum developed for the hardcore user. This allows the user to carry a small co2 tank and regulator INSIDE the gun's footprint. (more in depth info later, including detailed picures)


    Escort was endlessly busy showcasing the new blowback M60 and limited edition AK47. Only 10 AKs are slated to be made worldwide. As of tonight, only 2 spaces remain. Available now are user installable conversion kits for the Inokatsu M60 series. This conversion yields excellent user feedback through heavy weight and a loud muzzle report.

  4. Is #1 a Mosin Nagant?


    Edit: Gawddamn people posting while i type :P


    Edit 2: Scrub that, Gawddamn me not realising there was another page to read :P

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