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  1. I knew about the bolt, the rear sight and planned on adding an m203 (on the side obviously so it doesn't get in the way of the bipod), taclight, laser and aimpoint.


    But could you enlighten me on the receiver bulges?



  2. I bought it from an 'inbetween' guy who buys them in taiwan and then sells them to the us and the uk. It was advertised as a guarder kit but it could well be technically an inokatsu kit, im not really fussed what it is with it being so good :D


    Edit: Oh yeah and the instructions have guarder written all over them :P

  3. After a trip down to my local Royal Mail depot and leaving £50 out of pocket I now had my Guarder RPK kit.




    The original plan was to wait til Sunday to sit down properly and take the time to to dismantle my TM AK and fit this kit. Well that WAS the plan until my boyish enthusiasm got the best of me. I got home took a picture, had dinner and cracked on with it.


    After dismantling my AK and unwrapping all all the parts I began. This kit allows you to fully 'metalise' and wood the exterior of your gun and is constructed differently to the standard TM design, as opposed to the cheaper version of this kit that only extends the barrel and provides wood parts. Very few of the original parts are needed but you still need a few:




    Hop Unit

    Bolt Carrier

    Front and Rear Sights

    Trigger Guard

    Butt Plate Screws


    The instructions included are pretty simple (one A3 sheet of paper), but they are more than enough to be able to construct the RPK (If you can dismantle your AK then you can build this). Tools needed are just a set of screwdrivers and a set of allen keys. Some parts like the stock require a bit of convincing to get on, but its better to have parts that are a bit to big than some that are a bit to small. Also the rear sight is a real SOB to get on with the replacement guarder spring.


    The finished article is a very nice gun, there is no wobble to be found except on the bipod (which is to be expected really) and its very satisfying to hold and shoot. There's room in the outer barrel to fit an extended barrel, all the way up to psg1 length. One problem is that this new design does not allow for quite so easy access to the gearbox and hop unit and getting to these requires almost completely dismantling the gun.




    All in all I am very happy with this, it is a quality piece of kit with only a few minor niggles. Due to it being a limited edition piece it is not widely available, although it is still in stock at http://www.boomarms.com/ and www.uncompany.com. And if you want a support weapon thats not an M249 that everyone and his dog has then an RPK is the way to go!


    More pictures here

  4. I posted about this in the in the news section with the title 'Ever wanted to 'blindfire' safely?' .



    - Corner Engage Device ($45): Compatible with Aimpoint or Trijicon Tri-Power or all the replica Aimpoint style Reddot Scope


    I went to edit it shortly after posting and it had gone. Now if a mod removed it due to it being blind fire related thats cool with me, but if it was a site hiccup i'll repost it providing its ok.



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