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  1. AKMS w/ Real Steel Russian Handguards & Converted 40rnd magazine.




    AKS-74n w/ Real Steel Russian Handguards & Gastube, Converted Izhmash magazine, Kobra Red Dot & Tourniquet.




    AKS-74Un w/ Real Steel Vented Russian Handguards & Converted East German magazine.


  2. My 7.62 40rnder is 27cm at it's longest point (measuring straight, not round the curve), it fits nicely into more modern pouches designed for 5.45 45rnders.


    About the G&P mags, which ones have you tried previously? I know their Armalite ones are generally wank but their recent AK ones are generally regarded as being quite good, I've certainly never had any problems with my selection.

  3. Well I'm talking about the folding stock version, not the solid stock...

    Then you would have to change the receiver. The AKMS has an underfolding stock whilst the AKS-74 is sidefolder.


    Lasers = Not permitted at most sites

    Scopes Sometimes useful for snipers, seeing father than you can shoot isn’t

    Grip, handle = Since when do you need more control over a recoilless gun?

    Silencer = Airsoft guns are already quieter that silenced RS guns and become utterly pointless when hicaps are used

    Flashlight = Are you playing in the dark right now? If not you dont need it and when people do play in the dark they always seem to go stealthy and dont use them anyway



    As for those Russians using them if im not mistaken they are a SWAT like unit and are very modern. Therefore they are not using 47s which look the worst with tactical accessories





    Will you please stfu. If you don't like that stuff then that's fine, don't put it on your AK. But berating other members for what they do to their guns is just plain retarded. Seems lately that this thread can't go a day without some idiotic 'Omfgz take that ris off that ak you rapist' post. Seriously guys, drop the elitism and get over yourselves.

  4. i am a purist. and theres nothing different about that AK than the flash hider. other than that it is a proper late AKSU (with a proper laser)

    Not really seeing as it's got a thumb selector, wrong pistol grip and I've never seen those hand-guards on a non-civvie SU.

  5. It's fine, AIMS chambered 7.62x39 which is ok for both milled and stamped receivers (although as mp666 says the AIM/S didn't have milled receivers). The only incorrect combinations are either 5.45x39 or 5.56x45 in a milled receiver.


    Edit: Oh shi- iloveics has a milled receiver, edited to make more relevant.

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