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  1. Do you mean plum solid stock side folders like the AK-74M or plum AKS-74's?


    If, like I'm assuming you do, mean a solid stock, I highly doubt it, seeing as they replaced plum with black with the AK-74/AKS-74's before general production of solid stock sidefolders began. (Yeah, what Neoptolemus said)


    They do of course make plum AKS-74's:


  2. The VFC quite easily.


    - VFC stamped receiver has same thickness as RS Russian stamped receiver. (Guarder/Inokatsu is thicker then RS Russian)


    - VFC's selector notches (the positions for full auto & semi) are there where they should be (74 styléé)

    Guarder/Inokatsu had the std. TM Ak47 layout of selector notches


    - VFC's receiver has much better quality details on their receiver (bolts & stuff)


    - VFC's upper hand guards fit to a replica gastube (they get turned around the tube as in real life)

    Where as guarder/Inokatsu use the TM method for fitting upper hand guard.


    -VFC has a killer gearbox mounted which can be demounted as quickly as it gets. (basically take of p-grip, selector, push spring loaded hop-up forward & gearbox can be taken out)

    With a guarder-kit one needs to unscrew alot of tiny imbus screws...

    (which can get lost if done in non ideal skirmish surroundings)


    -VFC's lower hand guards (demount as their RS counterparts, with lever)


    -VFC's AKs74UN RS lower hand guards is a straight replacement with the standard one (which isn't that great, but RS is a straight swap)


    -The VFC Ak barrel is "pinned" to the receiver and gasblock/front sight are pinned to barrel as well.

    (with Guarder/Inokatsu the gas block/gas tube/upper hand guards are all held together with one tiny imbus-screw.

    This works but is nowhere near as sturdy as "pinned parts" (RS parts are pinned as well obviously)


    Along with the upper hand guard takedown.

  3. I beg to differ on the VFC part, but everyone has their own opinions right?


    And as far as Inokatsu's website is concerned, maybe try to force-refresh your browser -- the product list is a pale shadow of what it was just a month ago, ESPECIALLY where AKs are concerned. Sorry.

    Ok I see what you mean now.


    Can you pm me with how VFC ripped off Ino, I'm interested.

  4. And Hoppum since you know moore than me about ak's does it look ok with a dragunov sight and a PBS-4 on my AIMS? ive seen Inokatsus AIMS had a even bigger scope than the dragunov sight so it wouldent look that bad or would it?


    LINK to the sight im refering to http://di1.shopping.com/images/di/51/5f/58...100x100-0-0.jpg


    personally i think it would look bad *albatross* and overkill as a CQB gun XD

    Your gun - your choice, but personally I think the scope would look stupid and the PBS-1 would make the gun needlessly longer and more awkward to use in CQB.

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