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  1. So whats the difference between the VFC AKS74UN DX and VFC AKS74UN DX version 2?

    And what voltage battery do they take?

    DX version 2 has a different colour pistol grip and only has the serial number stamped in one place. Can take up to and including a 12v stick battery.


    Is there any small mag mod that will help G&P midcaps feed properly in a VFC?

    Lube them? G&P's feed perfectly in both my VFC's.

  2. Can you make sure any new picture forum mod is someone who regularly uses the subforum.


    There's been plenty of times before when off topic spam has been reported and a global mod comes in a deletes every post for the last few pages that's not a picture including on-topic discussion.

  3. I think he might be away. I've dropped him an email and I know someone else has as well with no reply. He normally responds the next day. His blog hasn't been updated with the latest Ino releases either.


    Edit: Beaten by Kuroda

  4. Nope


    Front sight looks missshaped to be AKM, Gastube is clearly a 74,Reciver holes by the mag are to big, AKM are smaller, cover might be dunno, have no idea what foregrip is, Pistol grip has wrong shape to be a AKM.


    I have 2 AKM's myself i know how it should look like.


    EDIT: Bolt is also not AKM, 47 maybe?



    Early AKM's had un-notched bolts and 'M and '74 gastubes are the same.

  5. Yes, but I have 2 problems.one is that I would lose the ability to use G&G's uber sweet bolt and Ino doesn't make a plum handguard set.

    G&G don't make plum hand guards either so how does that rule out an Ino kit?


    The bolt is of no importance, the only time your going to notice the difference is when you have the receiver cover off.

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