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  1. Philbucknall

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    These are my ERG recoil AR's; Top to bottom: Classic M4, Centurion Arms C4, Mk18 mod 0, Mk16 14.5" URG-I upper The ERG C4 with a Geissele Mk4 SMR rail fitted My Marui NGRS's excluding the Mk46, which although beautiful doesn't belong in here! Top to bottom: Mk18 Mod 0, Scar L with Laylax AR stock kit fitted, HK416 Delta ERG M4 from earlier pic with the CQBR upper underneath it.
  2. Philbucknall

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    My new M4’s top is the Specna Arms E04 Edge Model. It’s a pretty bog standard M4 CQBR in terms of looks but for the money it’s a real bargain and looks like a far more expensive version with some great features inc a GATE X-ASR mosfet hard wired in. The middle one is the new PTS Radian Weapons Model One GBBR based on the KWA LM4 system. Until I got this I was of the opinion that the Marui MWS was the best GBBR out of the box. The model one is better build than some real AR’s I’ve seen and handled! It’s an absolute beauty with great billet receivers and custom rail giving it an almost monolithic appearance. Fianlly it’s another PTS gun. This time the first release in their legacy series. A gun that was patented but never put into production; the N23. It makes a XM177 look really big! The N23 is tiny and the OEM is G&P so it utilises the new i5 gearbox and the usual G&P quality externals. It’s not to everyone’s tastes so I christened it the mARmite gun. Will only work if you use a 11.1v battery and it’s an absolute blast to shoot.
  3. Philbucknall

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    My little family of M4’s as it stands today. The top is a TM MWS and the bottom three are all ERG’s.
  4. Philbucknall

    SIG Picture Thread

    Nothing really special but my latest pistol. A TM SIG P226E2. Lovely little gun and it continues my TM love in when it comes to GBB pistols. Mused to have a P226 but found it a bit bulky. The new grip profile fits me perfectly though.
  5. Philbucknall

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    My little family of M4’s. All of them are ERG’s
  6. Philbucknall

    WE M&P

    Well, I don't know about you but I've been waiting since TM said they were making one of these to get one. Seems I wasn't the only one sick of waiting so thank you WE tech for stepping into the breach. Like many here I thought WE pistols were the wrong side of pap but since their PX4 and then the more recent XDM and XDM compact I was getting this the second I could. I'm not gonna bother with real gun history or how the box is because it's the pistol that counts. The gun comes with one mag, three black back straps in small, medium and large and the three in pink too in the same sizes. I have heard that they have unique serial numbers on the little metal plate on the right hand side but I can't be sure. Once I get my tan one I'll confirm it or otherwise. loving the fishscale serrations too. Very cool! The gun Wow! It has a great finish to it especially the slide.almost like its phosphate. The slide racks nicely and is very satisfying to do so. The recoil spring seems quite firm but in a good way and the tolerances between frame and slide are pretty good with very little movement. The trigger is hinged to act as the safety as there is no external safety on this pistol. It doesn't, however, feel strange and has a nice pull to it too. The reset seems quick and the action is really smooth I thought. The slide locks back nicely and doesn't engage on the external part of the slide lock as per the real gun. Contrary to some YouTube vids it certainly seems like the slide has full travel too. As you can see it also has an ambi slide release too. I weighed the gun and with the mag it's 705g without 474g so this isn't no heavyweight but it feels supremely comfortable in the hand and makes up for weight in sheer point ability. The hop is under the barrel so you need to take the slide off to adjust it. I haven't touched it yet but from initial tests on the range at JD Airsoft it seems pretty well set for .25g BB's anyway. The slide is easy to remove anyway in the usual way that anyone with a GBB pistol will be familiar with. I didn't chrono it as we were having too much fun but the shooting experience is fantastic. Quick firm blowback with a cracking muzzle report makes this a proper beauty. If anyone thought they could still say they knew WE pistols were rubbish without trying this out first needs ignoring. This is one of the best pistols I've owned/shot/ drooled over. I may get the slide laser etched to give it the trades it so rightly deserves but that hasn't put me off it yet! So far 9.5/10 and that's only cause I never give anything 10/10!
  7. Philbucknall

    Beretta Picture Thread

    My only beretta is the new TM M9. Bit of 80's-90's retro
  8. Philbucknall

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    It's been a while since I posted on forums but here's my three M4's the top and bottom ones are ERG's and the middle is a TM MWS
  9. Philbucknall

    New Tokyo Marui USPc

    So here it is! I don't know if this is the first one in the UK but it's got to be close as I've not seen any other photos or reviews to date. The box is obviously influenced by 24 but holds the gun securely and comes with the gun, mag, rail adaptor and a spare flat base plate The gun itself feels light without the mag but it is very well put together and feels great in the hand as you'd expect with a TM product and one modelled on an iconic HK handgun. The finish is great with nice trademarks including the updated USP markings on the pistol grip as is true to the real ones I've been told. The action of firing it is fantastic and even on 144a it emptied the mag easily and had a crisp recoil. Everything moved as it should and the fit between parts was excellent. FPS was checked by WGC prior to shipping and the mark it on the front of the box at 288. I haven't checked the range yet but the hop is the new style so reachable via the breach. The slide lock also engages on a metal insert so it'll save the slide getting chewed up. Overall 9/10 as I don't know what the range is like and there's no spare mags available as of yet.
  10. Philbucknall


    I know there is already a review on this gun here already but i didn't want to just hijack someone elses thread. I hope that that is alright otherwise could the mods please merge the two together if that is appropriate. Okay this is the newish KWA RM4 ERG - not the catchiest of names i grant you but still, there we go. Still not available in the UK through UK retailers but it has been around for a while in the Far East and the US for a while now. Given that though, there is very little in the way of reviews out there for it say in comparison to its competiton the TM recoil series. This is a collabaration between PTS and KWA and features magpul furniture and metal body. To the best of my knowledge it is the only product that has survived Magpul's departure from the airsoft marketplace. This is therir version of TM's recoil shock line of AEG's and very nice it is too. I haven't fired a TM one but i have owned several GBBR's and the kick on this is far superior. The sound is also better than a standard AEG and is somewhere inbetween a GBBR and AEG. Like the TM recoil series; it isn't quite a training weapon but it aint far off in terms of function as it feeds every last round, locks back when empty and in a bonus no TW offers - it kicks! the gun comes in the usual PTS branded packaging which is nice and sturdy and yp to the job of protecting the RIF in transit. I ordered mine from ehobbyasia along with two boxes of the PMAG's for it. Total price including shipping and customs charges was around the £400 which is pretty good i think. and here with the extra mags The gun is absolutely solid and feels like it has some weight to it. the quoted weight is 3.5Kgs and its believable. For such a small gun it feels like it's made from DU! As I said there is nary a rattle or squeak from the gun and it is well made and finished too. It is front wired with mini tamiya connectors in the MOE handguard. It is a tight squeeze but i manage to fit a 7.4v 2600mah 25c split pack lipo in there and it gives a reasonable rate of fire - nothing earth shattering but for me that's fine as I'm not about the insane RoF's some hanker after. The mags are proprietary PMAGs and can be switched from 30 to 60 rounds by taking the base plate off, pushing the inner down from the top and pushing a little switch across. It's a nice touch but i will probably leave it on 60rnds to be honest. I like the fact they have the fake feed lips on the top like a real PMAG. its purely asthetic but a nice touch. Also on the top you can see the little lever at the back of the mag that activates the bolt stop. The follower also is unique and quite long and worryingly thin when extended. It is this way to allow the mag to feed every last BB. Quite nice when you've only got 30-60 to begin with! I'm worried it might snap off with rough handling but i have been assured they are quite resilient. The great benefit of this system over the TM recoil gins is its ability to take standard AR mags without any modification. Admittedly you lose the bolt stop and stop fire features if you do this but at least if you're out of ammo in a fight a mate can chuck you a STANAG and you're back in the game. I haven't chronoed this yet but have heard they are around the 350ish mark which is ideal as it will be used almost exclusively in woodland games. I will field it for the first time in Jan and will add to this then with an after action report. Overall though thus far I'm really happy with it. In fact - I need to go and have a play with it now! so scoring out of 10 I'll go so far as to say 8.5/10 and thats only because i haven't actually used it in anger yet!! I'm sure it will nudge up a bit after that! If it does perform as it shoud then i could be quite tempted to sell my other AEG's and buy a couple more of these especially if they release it with a standard Colt style metal body - to make an M4A1 and an M4 CQBR too. I just need to find a small enough lipo to fit in a RIS unit so i don't have to have a battery box and external wires. Thanks for reading and if you have any questions I'll do my best to answer them.
  11. Philbucknall

    New Tokyo Marui USPc

    Well. I didn't get to use it last weekend like I hoped but I Used it yesterday and it was an excellent little pistol. Used it on nuprol red gas and the kick was lovely and snappy and range was good too with blaster .25g BB's. Very very happy with it. In combination with the Kydex holster I made for it, it was my go to sidearm for the day and will be for the next few games I think.
  12. Philbucknall

    New Tokyo Marui USPc

    Got my spare mags today ready for a game tomorrow and now I can't make it! So first chance to try the USPc out in anger gone.
  13. I recently got a TM Scar H recoil and rather than using my usual magpul MS3 I wanted something with some padding to help with the extra weight compared to my usual M4 load outs. I've known about intelligent Armour (IA) for a while now and I've seen the quality of their belts and pouches, which are all made here in the UK using high quality parts and materials. Browsing their website I happened upon a multicam padded two point sling that looked just right and it was only £28 inc P&P. The sling is very well constructed out of genuine 500D multicam cordura and the stitching is excellent. There are two methods of attaching it to the weapon. You can use either HK style metal clips which are sturdy as hell or fabric loops ideal for say an M16. You can easily swap between the fittings with the high quality fastex buckles. In theory you could use the HK clips on one gun and re fabric loops on another and then just use the one sling between two guns. I opted for the HK style clips. The padding is a good size and thickness and in a quick test on the scar it felt very comfy. The acid test will come in June when I next play but I expect it to perform well. There's plenty of adjustment in the sling for different sized rifles so you should be more than able to get a comfortable set up.
  14. I got it to 124cm at its shortest.
  15. Will do mate. Just gonna have tea and then I'll do it afterwards.
  16. Philbucknall

    New Tokyo Marui USPc

    Yes!!! Mags ordered. Hopeful that they'll arrive in the next week or so so I can use it in June.
  17. Philbucknall

    Tokyo Marui M&P9

    Yep. Leave it stock then it will continue to work for ages. ????
  18. Philbucknall

    New Tokyo Marui USPc

    I tried to get the base plate off but it wouldn't budge. I did put the other base plate in the mag well and it looked quite good but not "classic" USPc if you know what I mean. It also wasn't as comfy.
  19. Philbucknall

    New Tokyo Marui USPc

    Sorry had to build a wardrobe so haven't had a chance yet. I'll try to do it in a bit.
  20. Philbucknall

    New Tokyo Marui USPc

    Will do tomorrow. For gas I'm using abbey 144a and have not had a problem filling the mag at all. Yes, it vents a little at first but it's always filled okay. No extension tube needed or anything like that.
  21. it is, yes. I tend to keep it the same length though so somewhere in the middle. it isn't as easy as something like the MS3 or a Vickers BFG sling but it doesn't have a pull tab on the sliders so its a little more involved but for less than thirty quid Im more than happy with it.
  22. Philbucknall

    New Tokyo Marui USPc

    Did a quick test fire in my garden which is rough 70' from the patio door to the bottom most corner. The BB's easily reached it when the hop had been dialled in. It was a blast to shoot even on 144a. It emptied the mag and locked back once it was empty.
  23. Philbucknall


    I have to say I've been using EhobbyAsia for many many years and so far I've had no issues. Items have always arrived in a timely fashion and in good condition and basically exactly as described. I have no problem recommending them to any player whether they are new or experienced and I find that they oftentimes have parts or things I want that others don't. With their newish foray into more real steel tactical kit like Mayflower and Haley Strategic they are rapidly becoming a one stop shop! In fact my new Mayflower RECCE HK417 rig has just been dispatched so i'll let you all know when it arrives - I paid for standard delivery so 10-20 days. Heres hoping customs don't take too much interest in the parcel but if they do, ho hum, I'd budgeted for charges when ordering it anyway.
  24. Philbucknall

    New Tokyo Marui USPc

    Just had it apart and a few notes. The recoil spring is a double sprung assembly and there is no rubber buffer or anything to mitigate any forces. Whilst the kick is flipping great on propane I think I'll run it on 144a until the winter roles round again! The hop unit looks like it has plenty of adjustment and should cope with some heavier BB's quite easily. The slide has a reinforced section that the slide lock engages on and it's just under the label for hop adjustment The mag is the pinned type of base, which I know some people don't like. Everything else looks good and well made as you'd expect from TM. The slide is reinforced by the looks of it even though the plastic is quite thin in places. The finish is nice and not shiny more satiny as it's not quite totally Matt. That's all for now. If anyone wants to know anything I've missed let me know.
  25. Philbucknall

    New Tokyo Marui USPc

    The trigger feels nice and yes, it is worth getting this. It's just so pointable as well but if you've a USPc already you'll know how easy they are to shoot! wait til you see my new Scar H recoil Stew;) I knew you wouldn't be able to resist!! why? The real one doesn't have em!!

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