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  1. Any upgrades coming for this 5.7?

    I 'have seen only a precision barrel but other ones like triggers, metal frame ecc I hope the are in working progress


    I think the Sights could be monkeyed with, but failing that, WHY would a metal frame be a good thing for something that on the real gun is Polymer/Plastic?

  2. Hmm. Arigato Matrix-san.

    That looks like one of the more complex ones from Marui.. if not the most complex design from them.


    Looking at that recoil system.. that is almost a blow-back design rather than a Browning.. I wonder if this thing should be more accurate than a 5.1 or their Glock 17.

    I don't think it can be as accurate as their DE (new).. owing to the fixed barrel.

  3. after looking at those pics, I suspect why TM did not go 'wood', or even do something similar to their standard AK47 grips, is because of the location of the battery - I think that they are trying to give it extra protection/minimising particles and water from entry at the front.

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