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  1. Mate,

    have you a M945 handy?

    That magazine looks rather similar to the M945 one, which 'apparently' holds one more at 15+1. In practice it is more like 14, as it is rather hard to force the magazine home with 15rds inserted.

    Failing that, there are a couple of reviews on Mark's site.. ermm. Snowman. :)


    Nice to see that KSC logo.. chuckle. Under the same place on the M945 as well. :)

  2. There are a few in the pipeline still :)


    Maybe I'll be able to find a method of working with skirmishers to review their guns, who knows?



    that is what I am having to do at the moment.. review guns of other people.. I mean.. that was how I got that 1911 duel one.


    It is a good route to go via, Snowman. Try to see if you can get the gear that is over a year old, and ask for problems/solves as well.


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