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  1. regarding that full mag usage.. I reckon that TM have changed the material of the magazine specifically for this one - It appears to be made of stainless steel as oppposed to the weird metal that comprises the usual TM M1911A1 magazines - that thinner wall allows for a fraction more gas which allows all the rounds and more to be fired out.


    It was fantastic - nicer feeling than the standard 1911 - (a mixture of the grips and the sights methinks) but something else I noted (but did not have a chance to verify before I moved to Australia (sod it!) was that the Cone barrel does not allow the inner barrel to have much or any vertical change of position - the standard M1911A1 does from what I recall... mind you.. it was an old and worn version (stock).


    Anyone tested it against the TM 1911A1 as yet?

  2. Sorry.. not the clearest IR shot. (shrugs)

    Me crouched and ready.


    Uploaded even though the image is not great quality, but to show that the DPU is still IR treated :D

    (didn't get a shot of the boots though, and the JG AUG looks a nice dark colour in it - not a glowing bright white-ish colour at all)


    A slightly better shot of the ensemble and the F88A2 :) Although I wish the photographer took better shots.

    Ah well. Beggars and choosers. :)

  3. Hello.

    This question is to stay within the (what seems to be) Generic MP7A1 GBB thread.


    The MP7A1 from Umarex/KWA in Germany is semi auto only, correct?

    IF so, does anyone know what is different (inside) from the Semi-only German one and the standard KWA/KSC versions (that have Fully Auto as selection)?


    We (in NZ ) are rather interested in it.




  4. Any upgrades coming for this 5.7?

    I 'have seen only a precision barrel but other ones like triggers, metal frame ecc I hope the are in working progress


    I think the Sights could be monkeyed with, but failing that, WHY would a metal frame be a good thing for something that on the real gun is Polymer/Plastic?

  5. I was bored and updating my bookmarks for manufacturers.

    Just the Japanese ones so far


    killerstudio link - dead

    laylax - duplicate

    ktw - error

    b-pineapple - error

    protec - error 404

    angs - duplicate

    systema - the link just needs fixing.. and the site is still under construction..... :/

    smokeys - gone?

    Factory Brain - who were they? And dead

    Gami - closed in 2008?


    This of any help at all?



    Taiwan -

    KWC -dead



    Nato works - dead

    SA80 workshop - generic US advert host




    What about places such as Ares.

    Are TDI in the US list?

    Could the whole links thing do with an update?




  6. at least with the lipo packs of today, the stock won't weigh a ton and need to be reinforced to hold the nicad 12v battery packs :)



    edit- to correct 'way' for 'weigh' doh!

  7. Hey Dan, remember when we/you chucked the G3SG1 front end into it, and it performed even better?

    That was just silly stuff.


    Honestly, if you can correctly and firmly mate the PSG1 body/receiver with the front end of a TM SG1, then it fires more consistently and with more power too (I think.. I recall the fps levels at 400+.. )

  8. Hmm. Arigato Matrix-san.

    That looks like one of the more complex ones from Marui.. if not the most complex design from them.


    Looking at that recoil system.. that is almost a blow-back design rather than a Browning.. I wonder if this thing should be more accurate than a 5.1 or their Glock 17.

    I don't think it can be as accurate as their DE (new).. owing to the fixed barrel.

  9. Evert - not too shabby there. :)


    Maybe get an elcan if you're going for the Aussie look (although I think it's too bulky to look good on the AUG)


    Starting to see a lot more ACOGs than ELCANs these days...

    particularly the NSN one with the backup iron sights.

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