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  1. is in ur Safezonez photographing ur toyz

  2. blackhaggis

    Artistic Airsoft

  3. blackhaggis

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    Hello There, It is not me in the Photo - It is a chap called Donkey-Balls from Team Tea-bag - He is on this forum as 'tome' so I would drop him a PM and he should be able to tell you. Oh and thanks for the Forum Code for a 800 Pixel Image which you click to get a larger one - Helped me out for this Thread. Frag. Out.
  4. blackhaggis

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    Hi Guys, So quite a few of my Picture have appeared in this thread - Posted by other guys who have grabbed them from my site - As always thanks for your comments guys and your continued support of my work. Below is a Picture I first started to work on in May when I captured it. It is a Series of 17 Pictures blended together into a single composite image. The Full Resolution Composite is over 10K Pixels Wide (Don't worry your not going to see the 2.8 GB File on here) There is a 800 Pixel Wide Version Below and Clicking on that will bring up a 1600 Pixel Wide Version. Decided it was time to stop Lurking and start posting. Image Location - First & Only Airsoft - 'The Mall' in Reading UK Image Subject - DonlkeyBalls from Team T-Bag Enjoy and Comments are most welcome. Frag. Out.

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