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  1. So, the AA12 came out... I put together a quick video review here:
  2. That Hop unit looks crazy! I've got one on it's way to me... Was hoping it would arrive today, every delivery van in town has pulled up at my place for no good reason today. I'm sure they are on high troll alert. I'll be putting videos of it up on http://www.youtube.com/magaz when it arrives... I'll dump some photo's here too Can. Not. Wait. Like others have said, first AEG in years I've been this excited about owning...
  3. Good comms, fast payment, great buyer, would recommend :)

  4. A few of me at the two SWAT sites... SWAT Parkgate site SWAT Saighton site
  5. Yep, been doing it for years. Need more asylums! the North West is annoyingly sparse of such things. :(

  6. another lancashire softer into urbexing eh :)

  7. CQB training day in the basement one of my dads empty properties. Standings first "game" with us. Poor guy haha... We told him to "fortify" the room and defend it as long as he could... The rest as they say... is history... Apologies for Standings language
  8. Deffending the forts from an attacking force that had to come down a hill. It's hard to see on this footage, but pretty much everytime i'm firing it's hitting the opposition... We have dv cam footage of this too, I'm gonna put together a little edit Music: Vinny Peculiar - song to bring back the girl, thought it needed something a little mellow haha not strictly airsoft, but it shows what happens if you fire a moscart at a match... I don't reccomend ANYONE tries this... Plummer near enough took his eyebrows off... remember kids... Plummer did this so you don't have to!
  9. whats going on in the cloverfield video? I was expecting a cheesy super imposed monster haha
  10. right I've got lots of softing videos on my youtube Magaz's youtube I might aswel link you up to some good ones CBMPC! at Swat Airsoft - listen out for my ak making awful noises! this next one is in two parts... it's about 14 minutes long and is just raw footage! CBMPC! attacking the fort at ambush airsoft CBMPC! attacking the fort at ambush airsoft part 2 enjoy
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