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  1. pedrosalas7

    What music are you currently listening to?

    Crying lightning - arctic monkeys
  2. pedrosalas7

    What music are you currently listening to?

    Bad lieutenant - Sink or Swim
  3. pedrosalas7

    1911 Picture Thread

    hey sinner does the MEU fit on the 6004 with the M3 attached? what model is it?
  4. pedrosalas7

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    hey castle that defender's got an 11.5 inch outer barrel right? that's pretty much how i want my AR, specially with the blackout replica
  5. pedrosalas7

    1911 Picture Thread

    redwolf has the chamber and the barrel(both threaded and non threaded) in black in stock at the moment.
  6. pedrosalas7

    1911 Picture Thread

    obviosly you can't... i was really asking if it was noticeable and got my answer... i'll have to do some shooting to feel if i really need it EDIT: oggy i have the AS nozzle and it really good... a lot harder and tougher than the stock one... although i was very tight with the PDI piston head i got with the gun(got it second hand) but was perfect with the AS piston head it came with.
  7. pedrosalas7

    1911 Picture Thread

    but how much faster is gun with the speed BBu installed and how much kick does it lose?
  8. pedrosalas7

    1911 Picture Thread

    oggy i have the AS upgrade set and like racing maniac said the recoil spring is very strong and the slide only goes back to the takedown notch. the mag replacement springs, which i also have are the same as the original springs so they'll only be usefull as relacements incase you lose one(which was my case) racingmaniac what do you think about the airsoft surgeon BBU? is it really worth the 50$? thanks
  9. pedrosalas7

    SMG Picture Thread

    man that awesomesauce is awesome... whutjp how did it perform? what gas are you using? is it reliable?
  10. pedrosalas7

    1911 Picture Thread

    hello I want to get some bomar sights for my 1911 as i'm adding a hi capa slide and TM sights are imposible to find. so i have a question, i know i'll need to do some modding but does anyone know what size of dovetail would be the best base? thanks a lot. -Pedro Salas.
  11. pedrosalas7

    1911 Picture Thread

    yeah i know... i meant something in that style, not exactly those
  12. pedrosalas7

    1911 Picture Thread

    you got me... i could have sworn they were black... IT BURNSSSS!! i was just saying the magwell as an option... i was thinking of adding these base pads http://customdefensiveproducts.com/mm5/mer...tegory_Code=MBP obviously in black, but i was going to epoxy them on to the bottom of the mag and drill a hole for the gas fill valve... i really don't want to screw them on as it takes more time and it's far more likely to ruin the mags... do you thing they'll work? but like i said, that may be put on hold as i'm trying to decide between upgrading the 1911 or a masada... BTW, if you really don't like your barrel you can send it to me... i'd welcome it gladly
  13. pedrosalas7

    1911 Picture Thread

    no the dessert warrior has everything black, including the hammer and barrel, redwolf now has silver 3 hole triggers in stock. personally i prefer everything black. i was also going to get the wilson bumper or some other real steel bumpers for my 1911 in my overhaul, but now i'm deciding between the almost fully upgrading my 1911 or a masada, it's really hard. i really like your kimber BTW, but i'd add a magwell(i have one on mine and it really helps when reloding) and a black trigger, but that's just me
  14. pedrosalas7

    1911 Picture Thread

    if it's not that then it's either the silver hammer or the MSP without the lanyard loop
  15. pedrosalas7

    1911 Picture Thread

    the 2 diferent thing are the trigger, which should be a silver three hole one, and i think grip safety which should be this one http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airs...il?prodID=24087 you got a very nice gun there man... i like it BTW what threaded barrel is that?

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