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  1. i use it on my bike helmet and it's pretty secure, although you do fell the shift of the balance to the side.
  2. hey hugh how's that element surefire replica? is it any good?
  3. hey ivan where did you get that suppressor/flash hider, is it the VFC scar-h SD?
  4. the TD replica that came with my G&P enforcer is also wobbly as hell it's pretty anoying but i can live with it
  5. thanks oggy... thing is... i din't know what block 2 meant so i had no idea hoy to search for it but thanks
  6. hey hi speed care to post a pic of the 10.5" with the suppressor
  7. hey the links doesn't work, it sends you to the homepage
  8. could you fit a lipo and a mosfet in a URB
  9. i know about AEG buffer tubes being out of spec and that PTS stocks are best, but mi question was between the PTS CTR and the PTS MOE and if the friction lock is really all that useful to acount for hte almos 30$ diference between the two... i mean, how much wobble does the MOE have?
  10. i have a question... is the friction lock on the CTR really worth it? o is the MOE stock good enough?
  11. hey pnguyen what barrel is that you have on your blaster?
  12. yup it's true... at first glance it looks like the PDW but when you compare them they are actually very different
  13. hey sinner does the MEU fit on the 6004 with the M3 attached? what model is it?
  14. hey duckling how did you get extended floorplates for all the mags? are they HK floorplates modded?
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