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    1980 (Aged 11, living in HK, we didnt call it airsoft we called it playing at war.)
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    More Glocks than you can poke a stick at (About 28, all versions), loads of 1911s, Sig 228,AKs, M4s, MP5s, G36s, and a load of real steel toys (Held on a section 1 FAC) as well.
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    I hit the target twice, but the second bb / bullet went through the first hole.
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    United Kingdom

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    The Lakes
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    Guns, real steel or airsoft and shooting them competitively.<br />I shoot practical pistol comps in the UK with airsoft, and compete abroad with real steel pistols.<br />I was the British National Champion in 2003, and UKPSA British Champion in 2004.<br />I also skirmish in dry weather (I'm a fair weather skirmisher.).
  1. Just a quick note the guns shooting blanks are real steel guns adapted to fire blanks. To the best of my knowledge no one manufactures a blank firing G36. Elliot.
  2. I have worked on stage and screen as a theatrical armourer, and good quality airsoft replicas were a god send, as they tend to be lighter than real steel or blank firing replicas, so the actors can have a airsoft pistol in a holster for long periods of time without it being uncomfortable for them and looking uncomfortable (remember most actors don't walk around in their real lives carrying a heavy pistol on their hip or under their arm.), and speaking from an armourers point of view, if an airsoft gun goes missing its nowhere near as big a problem as a real steel gun going missing. On the ot
  3. Bought a load bearing vest off Alex.

    Vet arrived no problem, pleasure to do business with him.


  4. Ah........######. Thanks for letting me know. Elliot.
  5. You can never have too many Glocks. Here are a few of mine. http://www.photobox.co.uk/album/album_full..._photo=86033678 Elliot.
  6. Dose anyone know the compatibility of the HFC mags yet? Cheers Elliot.
  7. Elliot

    My competition pistols

    Here are some of my competition pistols
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