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  1. Handsome Pete

    1911 Picture Thread

    Love it, very Baby Face/Dillinger-esque. Shame they don't make extended magazines.
  2. Handsome Pete


  3. Handsome Pete

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    Good old Krylon. Thought I'd used all my old paint up but still had a wee bit left. Barely managed to do this. Was worried I'd do one side just about and run out of OD before i finished the other but scraped through
  4. Handsome Pete

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    Rail covers are G&G and came standard with the rifle. Cheers. Cheers Souske. Ye, G&G make the small 10 round style mags as 50 rnd standard caps. The 20 round style mags are 500 round hicaps (which you don't want for a sniper rifle) but I liked the look so i taped the pair together and kept one black in case i preferred it that way Cheers.
  5. Handsome Pete

    Painted Weapons Picture Thread

    Did this in about an hour this afternoon. cheers.
  6. Handsome Pete

    SIG Picture Thread

    Sig 226 doesnt have a safety. It has a decocker but no safety catch. cheers.
  7. Handsome Pete

    Silenced Guns Picture Thread


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