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  1. I never use the forward assist on my AR15's either. There is usually a bad reason why a round doesn't load so I skip the tap and jump right to the rack to eject the bad round...
  2. Excellent! I will try it tonight...
  3. I'm not 100% how it should work but if I lock the bolt back by flipping the charging handle up when all the way back, I can't push forward. Is that the way the forward assist works on the real AUG?
  4. Very well said. I feel victim to this exact issue when I bought a WE ACR. Mine was a complete lemon while others were experiencing zero issues. I have 11 GHK's (yes, I know...too many) and aside from minor issues that I expect from all GBBR's, they have run and held up very well.
  5. I don't agree with the majority of that opinion but that is OK...except the AUG info as I have yet to touch mine...
  6. woohoo! First real reports...
  7. This is very good information!
  8. Hmm, I don't have that experience at all. Anyone with similar experience removing the silver tube?
  9. I'm just kidding. There is just no perfect GBBR M4 as each have their problems and niggles...
  10. I'm a glutton for punishment...
  11. but no one else has though, right? maybe a casting issue on his part?
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