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  1. This takes me back. Had the WA version (also open bolt) in 2009-2010, wish I never traded it away!
  2. New mags are starting to surface, looks very promising:
  3. Terrific resource, thank you for sharing Hetzer.
  4. IronWolf


    : )
  5. IronWolf

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    From the album: ????

  6. Any more info Nugent? Are they built to look like STANAG's or are they aesthetically different too?
  7. That can't be correct about the magazines, they charge $42.50 for a single magazine at the moment!
  8. Looking forward to more pics of it in use!
  9. Definitely grey. It's for maritime based operations, I recall seeing it on their latest brochure! *Starts rummaging* *Edit* http://www.scribd.com/doc/99812721/FirstSpear-Catalog-Summer-2012#page=6
  10. Heads up: I'm pretty sure there's a strandhogg variant that's also available in grey if that floats your boat : )
  11. Those leg mounted sub-loads look a little awkward to use
  12. Looks like VFC have released some CO2 mags for it (47.50 USD @ WGC): http://www.wgcshop.com/wgc2008/main/product_detail1.php?search_From=special&item=VFC-MAG-MP5G30-BK02&search=special&rs=New%20Release&catid=&cat=
  13. IronWolf


    Pictures of various airsoft guns
  14. From the album: Misc

    30 round capacity
  15. Pretty sure they've all been AEG's posted so far Pkekyo.
  16. Nice as usual MRK . How did you attach the groin panel to the CVC?
  17. From the magwell size it looks like he's using the new colt LE901, can anyone confirm? ctres94: S&S make their own elastic mag pouches, it's more likely to be S&S considering the use of the plate frame.
  18. The design of the magazine has been refined over time (specifically the size of the rubber gas route packing and the plastic magazine cap used to hold it in place). That said, the changes do not alter their compatibility so you will be able to use both old and new type mags with the VFC 416 GBBR (whether old or new). Regardless, the two magazine you've linked to differ only by colour (and price ), they're both the latest version.
  19. The AS Springfield Operator with full length dust cover FMK looks severely tempting, are AS kits made by prog4?
  20. Thanks for posting that Akira! Will take apart my old M4 type bolt to see if the parts are the same
  21. I just wish RA-Tech would develop an NPAS for it (they've no plans for one last time I checked with them), I wonder if the standard M4 type would work...
  22. May be of interest to some of you Mayflower quad MP7 mag pouch, Op-Tac link | Mayflower link
  23. Can only comment on the new BCG, no signs of the cracks that the original design was plagued with.
  24. I bought it from Janet at VFC, the bolt has gotten a fair bit of use so far and no sign of anthing but aesthetic wear yet. While something like 6061 ally would be nice, providing that the bolt maintains function I'm not too concerened about the material compositon considering the price (35 USD with shipping direct from VFC).
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