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    dont know exactly
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    now i only own a L96 soon to be upgraded
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    shitzen or baswar
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    london area
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    well airsoting, video games, guns, the military and the army and sniping
  1. kenshin9_old

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    i vote you to have the best avator ever ilovenapalm, im not attention seeking
  2. kenshin9_old

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    i hate them commoners AKA ''townies'' or ''chavs'' or whatever they calling themselves, they walk around out side my house shouting ''blap, blap'' with gun shaped fingers, hhmmm, what are they trying to do? pointing thier fingers in teh air shouting , ''blap blap'', shoot birds? and you cant walk past them without them saying '' hey you what you looking at?'' or ''hey bruv you got a light?'' i have a glock with a light connected to it, and have you noticed that they show off when they with thier friends or girlfriends, but by themselves they just walk past in silence? and whats wrong with thier collars always up, they trying to protect thier necks? and thier stupid trousers with thier socks tucked into them, didnt they start doing that in the plague to stop rats climbing up your trousers? sorry for any mistakes, ANGRY,

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