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  1. Skarclaw

    PTS licenced MAWL

    I hope it had all of these features at a lower power, red laser instead of green. Looks like a cool bit of kit for sure.
  2. Skarclaw

    Impact Grenade Pouches?

    I use the warrior 40mm doubles and they work fine but not much help if you only want one! Thinking about replacing them with HWHolster's kydex ones - but they might not be what you're after.
  3. Skarclaw

    LCT Conversion Kits, Where Did They Go?

    Firesupport in the UK have a fair amount of LCT bits, might be worth getting in touch and seeing if they can get whatever part for you.
  4. Skarclaw

    LCT Conversion Kits, Where Did They Go?

    I think they stopped doing them when they started selling complete guns. AFAIK the Guarder, Russian Mania Workshop and Inokatsu kits are all the same. When LCT took over around 2008 they sold the kits as per before moving onto to complete AEGs. So i think the kits are very old stock. I may be wrong.
  5. Skarclaw

    Anyone still around from the old days?

    Yes this is massive. Its easy to say 'just get your three games in' which is fine if you are over 18, but it really *fruitcage*ed over younger players, and to be honest I reckon a big % of airsofters back in the day got into it when they started getting thier first paychecks aged 16-17ish. Me and my friends got our airsoft guns aged 13-15 and it peaked at 16-17 before we all went to uni etc. A mate of mine was flipping airsoft guns from zeroin and making a good profit too. Its hard to do that nowadays. My dad would drop us all off at GZ then come collect us at the end. Now i see VERY PATIENT parents waiting in the safe zone ALL DAY for reasons im not exactly sure and it breaks my heart!! If I'm going to rant i think alot of sites have done a shameful job of accomodating younger players - there should be a system where a younger player can 'rent' a gun of thier choice which is owned by, and kept at the site. As for here i've said it before and im not THAT bitter but the main reason this forum is dead is cause sales were restricted, and whilst they are open now i think its just too late. Yes facebook plays a part but AFUK is thriving and zeroin is still the best place for classifieds. VCRA aside I think airsoft in the UK is better then its ever been. So if anyone is thinking about getting back into it i really do reccomend it. Everything is better and for the most part cheaper,there are more sites and importantly way more cool sites... eg portsmouth has ucap bunker (d day tunnels) ucap redemption (former prison) and south coast cqb (former army barracks as seen in bad lad's army).
  6. Skarclaw

    Quality Chargers?

    Take all of the below with the knowledge that i dont really understand what is really going on: I have a turnigy accucel 6,super easy to use and i am not the brightest tool in the shed when it comes to this sort of stuff,alongside my giant cricket bag its my fav bit of kit that i dont actually wear. https://www.manualslib.com/manual/896711/Turnigy-Accucell-6.html?page=12#manual ^this should take you to page 12 which gives an overview of using the storage mode. Iirc you cycle through the options to storage mode, put it to 7.4v mode then hold down start. It will check that the battery type is the same as what is plugged in and alert you if not, you hold down start again and it will commence. Not once have i changed the amp i just use whatever the factory setting is. I use giant power batteries with a 35c rating.
  7. Skarclaw

    Best replica fast helmet

    Is there such a thing? What are good brands? Key criteria are comfort and weight (lighter the better). Happy to replace innards if advised too. Cheers
  8. Skarclaw

    Helmet Pictures Thread - part II

    More pics needed of that bad boy!!
  9. Skarclaw

    Replica Surefire X300 flash light

    Yeah i think so - NE's website links to element and ztac. I think Aimo might be a spin off from element too but who knows.
  10. Skarclaw

    Replica Surefire X300 flash light

    I'm in a similar position, looking to get either an x300 or x400. Gonna go for the element - I have two of their lights already and I'm happy with them - sure the surefire is better but for the cost and what im using it for not sure it's 5x as better! £50 vs £270 Cheers
  11. As title thanks
  12. Skarclaw

    Tokyo Marui AA12

    Hi, Sorry I didn't reply sooner. I'm not technically minded so I sent it off to eagle6 airsoft who reported back: A screw had come loose (cf Malcolm, above) and jammed the piston, which also damaged it but didn't completely break it. I since purchased another aa12 so this one is gonna have an m90 put in - going to see how much i can get out of it till the piston needs replacing - will update as and when. Cheers and of course a big thanks to Richard at Eagle6
  13. Skarclaw

    Is there ANY shotshow news?

    To be fair theres so many good ootb + affordable AKs + M4s its easy to see why they dominate... i mean we ALL have atleast one of those.. r-right? i agree on the ROF stuff - certainly not something that needs a blanket ban but organisers shouldn't be afraid to step in if someone is taking the p1$$ (this swearing filter is beyond puritan sorry) I only heard of 'speedsim' yesterday but it sounds bang on what i like (rushing whilst wearing cool gear) All things considered when it comes to airsoft we have it pretty good here in the UK i think.
  14. Skarclaw

    Is there ANY shotshow news?

    My impression of US airsoft from spending too much time online: Driving maybe 3hrs each way to play for 4 hours Only skirmishing at MSW, 3x a year max Joining a 'Rusfor' discord group and then coming down with a severe mental illness and becoming an alt-right incel Getting bullied on reddit for being skinny 65rps polarstars but clearing rooms with 'bang bang bang bang' Edit: full on fights between two rival groups of uncles and cousins Seriously though lots of US airsoft sites seem quite underwhelming - tho ballahack looks really cool,id like to skirmish there
  15. Skarclaw

    VFC MP7 AEG looks closer and closer

    To be fair this and the aa12/ngrs is like for like - completely new system, in a small package too.

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