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  1. I have had positive experience with Teemu Custom (France) and MCX custom gear (Italy), though I will caveat by saying this was "off the shelf", albeit made to order, rather then anything bespoke.
  2. I think normal perspex will be fine however if you want something a bit more gucci check out: https://www.senchoo.eu/mil-simple-nvg-lens-protectors who are also based in sweden.
  3. fantastic work - looks super fresh!!!
  4. Thought I'd share - we still "out here" @DrAlexanderTobacco, me ft paedo shades, @blobface, @hitmanNo2, non-arnies guy, @PureSilver at a private game at The Gaol. Also me at a night game - thanks to blob for the pic!
  5. whats that little light gizmo on the side? its relevant to my interests. thanks!
  6. There's also tactical optician: http://www.tacticaloptician.co.uk/ I also had some lens protectors for NV made up by this guy: https://www.senchoo.eu/mil-simple-nvg-lens-protector - alas I'm a doofus so I got the sizes wrong, but they are very nice, as "nice" as a plastic disc can be anyway. Maybe I will come back to him but I may just double up on Ckin's suggestion which i think is this link: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Airsoft-Replacment-Polycarbonate-clear-red-Lens-For-Tactical-red-Torch-/183028177095
  7. cheers man - if you get a chance to take a pic of that wip mk48 i'd love to see what it looks like at the moment - i had a google to see if i could see something similar, but no luck. I've developed a bit of an obsession with stripped down lmgs recently!
  8. damn ardrummer that is some seriously cool stuff - i love that stripped down m249 so much! I'm hoping thats some organic cider sitting on your desk too 😱
  9. Sites are for the most part now open, however all of the ones I've seen won't offer rental equipment due to covid and such. I'm no longer a UKARA holder, but when I did I essentially imported some RIFs on behalf of a guy who was moving here from France and it went smoothly - may be worth investigating whether you could arrange something similar.
  10. thats super super cool man https://www.optics-world.nl/winkel/product_info.php?products_id=349 a bit too expensive for me but its an option i guess.
  11. what mounts have you got for the earmor's there? and was there much work in getting it to fit? Read around it a bit but have so far failed to get a consistent answer as to what's required. The Unity tactical Mark specifically mentions the earmor yet seems people still have issues. thanks
  12. It all looks good. Obviously its fun to think about - but you don't need to overthink it either. That camo looks fine for year round maybe you could consider some darker trouser for the autumn and winter, but its not the biggest deal in the world. I have various camo but tbh I go more on weather then season, if that makes sense. As for olive drab vs coyote brown - whatever you think looks cool, its no biggie really. Camouflage and concealment are two sides of the same coin - camo is something you wear, concealment something you do. enjoy!
  13. Just walting about with @DrAlexanderTobacco
  14. its always a WIP but heres my gear as it stands. BHI commando chest rig ft WAS, hwholsters, miltec and bulle pouches Truspec tiger bdu shirt Fjallraven vidda(??) Trousers ft fma ripoff off that crye belt + blade tech holster FMA exfil ft fma mohawk, norotos tatm, flir bnvd-40 2hd Oakley gloves, delta mike tooth protector snood, cheapo mesh eyepro Generic molle daysack + plce bergan with aftermarket posh straps
  15. Flir bnvd-40 2hd just in time for them to probably stop any after-sales haha
  16. A bodged vfg was used by one of the chaps who posed with thatcher. Looks like an ar15 or ar18 grip with bit of cable tie action too.
  17. Playing in woodland at night is very challenging (espicially without NODs!) but thats part of the fun shurely!? Insurance playing a role is plausible but im sorry to say that a fair amount of sites will do the bare minimum to keep the same locals turning up 2 sundays a month and that extends to night games. Fortunately a few places are starting to pick up on the demand for them - though this seems to be in the summer, its almost like darkness is seen as a bug not a feature. Case in point: site near me started doing saturday night games... they stopped early december... literall
  18. I looooove that m870 man great job! (Ardrummer)
  19. Geardo virgin gets DESTROYED by speedsofter chad @ Erebor black ops in Redhill. Taken from this vid https://youtu.be/eVgQHVLPfhY
  20. Yes this is massive. Its easy to say 'just get your three games in' which is fine if you are over 18, but it really *fruitcage*ed over younger players, and to be honest I reckon a big % of airsofters back in the day got into it when they started getting thier first paychecks aged 16-17ish. Me and my friends got our airsoft guns aged 13-15 and it peaked at 16-17 before we all went to uni etc. A mate of mine was flipping airsoft guns from zeroin and making a good profit too. Its hard to do that nowadays. My dad would drop us all off at GZ then come collect us at the end. Now i see VERY PATIENT p
  21. Hi, Sorry I didn't reply sooner. I'm not technically minded so I sent it off to eagle6 airsoft who reported back: A screw had come loose (cf Malcolm, above) and jammed the piston, which also damaged it but didn't completely break it. I since purchased another aa12 so this one is gonna have an m90 put in - going to see how much i can get out of it till the piston needs replacing - will update as and when. Cheers and of course a big thanks to Richard at Eagle6
  22. Titliest - how the mighty fall. Nothing against him but very much... "heres my ptw... and my real ar for comparison 😏"
  23. OG 2004 - facebook has killed forums. Every community has a finite lifespan unfortunately. 2006-2008 arnies was amazing, chinese AEGs had made the game much more accessible, lots of american users joined and 'geardo'-ism was at its peak. Good times! I have recently joined another UK airsoft forum but its got a bit of a sour vibe to be honest... i'm sticking around here. Edit - have to disagree with Rob on youtube reviews. Most of them are like 20 mins long - you could read a review in a fraction of the time and thats without the 'hhhheeeyyy there guuuys' youtube *suitcase* either h
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