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  1. Spedz

    I'd agree but the mods have thought otherwise. D :

  2. Spedz

    So i herd yuo liek reminiscing.

  3. Spedz

    Heh QHS is never on MSN.

  4. Lol Asus Eee PC amirite?

  5. Lol Brb resing.

  6. Spedz

    I am in ur mansion shooting ur zombies.


  7. Am in your comments section saying how awesome you are : 3

  8. Whao wait MA3 has already gone? D: I was going to go there as well. -_-' Instead I shall now go and make an E.L.O appreciation thread instead. : D

  9. Lol how do I send comments ¯\(°_o)/¯

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