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  1. nice golgo 13 character. Also nice TM Revolver.
  2. Just to slate my curiosity Whose Leonard?
  3. It fires 3 bb's from 3 sperate inner barrels IIRC.
  4. To put it blunt, yeah. The fact that babybackribs can has the audacity to ostracize and entire country from his own stupidity really got on my somewhat frayed nerves.
  5. Doesn't matter what say, I mean our liberal, progessive, faggy idea's. Will change the fact what he's done is Sutpid & Illegal in his great country of his. Also just totally disregard the his personal profile picture the depicts the Obama Regime to the SS (Obviously the Pro Hitler Ss not the Pre Hitler SS).
  6. TLDR. I presume it's something about being butt hurt about us telling the truth and bawwwing about him being an idiot? Oh and for just for the sake off actually saving your bacon for you. Here's pretty much a lowdown of each states laws on window tinting.Just in case you decide to cross the (state) boarder and get butt *fruitcage*ed from your own ignorance, you know 6 cops = Well planned survey. [edit]If I have red this right you're only allowed 35%, HAHAHAHA OH WOW CONGRATULATIONS!
  7. I dunno why but you remind me of this guy.
  8. Spedz

    I'd agree but the mods have thought otherwise. D :

  9. Goddamn. That's messed up, thanks for the heads up.
  10. ........*fruitcage*. Right well it seems I need to get learned about this. [edit] Wait a tick, I thought Ranger Green was the Pantac exclusive colour?!?
  11. CB is totally old school Skarclaw, Smoke green is where it at.
  12. Spedz

    So i herd yuo liek reminiscing.

  13. Unpossible! No one noes anyone outside of the internets! Also nice HK AG36 thingymabob Random guy. I'm guessing it's a STAR one?
  14. Well it's not the styling it's self that's bad and while I do applaud your efforts the problem is it just seems quiet unfinished.
  15. Firstly the hand guard; Declining to comment. Secondly the stock; It looks pretty decent actually. Sure there probably some room for improvement but it's a decent looking stock.
  16. Spedz

    Heh QHS is never on MSN.

  17. Gooberz, you do know tgat AceOfSkulls was only joking right? Right?
  18. Guzzi is that Atlus only in 800 x 600 only? ;_; [edit] Jag nice Schofield, is that yours?
  19. It looks pretty good, but why was it a 'failed' event for?
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