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  1. Thanks. Its a D-boys/kalash. Dont get to use it as much as I would like. Need to get some AK74 mid caps.
  2. The tan (krylon btw) looks lighter than it does in person; I see what you are saying though. I’m aware that the birdcage is not on correctly but the grub screw is missing so it’s just screwed on to the point where it stops (which happens to be on sideways). I have a Wilcox mount on the way. Will post update pics soon.
  3. Not sure I like the two-tone finish. Might re-paint it all camo soon.
  4. Evert 72

    AGM M4 GBB

    Did this today and managed to bring the fps down to 360fps at room temp which I'm happy with for now. Thanks for the tip. So all is well except for my hammer pin snapping in two during testing. So that's another thing to add to the shopping list. Oh well, no one said this GBBR lark would be cheap.
  5. Evert 72

    AGM M4 GBB

    Should have said it's got a cqb length barrel. I plan to get a NPAS in the future. Just wondered if there was a bodge I could do to get the fps down for the time being.
  6. Evert 72

    AGM M4 GBB

    Apologies in advance if my question has already been answered (I know it has) but I don’t have the time/am to lazy to read through the whole thread. Basically I recently picked up an AGM M4 second hand. Everything seems great but the fps is higher than I was expecting. The last owner said it did about 350fps on green but its chrono’ing at more like 400+fps. My knowledge of gbb is limited and im totally new to gbbr’s. Would appreciate it someone could enlighten me as how to lower the power (by bodging or with aftermarket parts). Either through posting links or letting me know
  7. http://pds5.egloos.com/pds/200708/11/78/c0...bc80c7df5c8.jpg There is no replica available and I doubt there ever will be. Good luck making your own...
  8. Fair enough. The PEQ-4 doesn't look that bad at all really. So long as it dose the job thats the main thing... I also know the feeling of having a paint job go wrong. I always seem to get one side of the gun perfect then can never replicate the same effect on the next side. End up having to do 3-4 coats sometimes. Should just learn to keep it simple.
  9. Dont repaint it. Looks great as it is imo. Got that well used dusty look going on. I would loose the PEQ-4 though.
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