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    Full CO19 loadout (Met issue gear + coveralls)
    Full PSD loadout (5.11 clothing + tan gear)
    Full DarkAngel loadout (ACU + black gear)
    Full Multicam loadout (multicam clothing + gear)

    KA TroyA3 (w/Troy Medieval flashider)
    HK 416 2003 ver. (tuned internals, Hurricane HKM4D body, modstock w/rubber buttpad, HK gasblock, HK diopter sights, G5 silencer)
    WA M4CQB (Steel flashider, LE stock)
    Mp5a4 (tuned internals, metal body, Met issue scopemount, Surefire foregrip).
    Mp5k (w/PDW stock, lowmount, Aimpoint)

    EOTech 512
    Insight M3
    M6 replica
    mp5 RAS foregrip

    KSC Glock 17 w/Shooter's design silver slide
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    Avid martial artist - specialising in arnis and jiujitsu. Particularly focused on the study of combatives and self-protection.
  1. Big thanks to Jon and his team for hosting us at EBZ today :-)

  2. The concept: The finished project: Lightweight config: Multi-role: Recon: Closeups: Setup: King Arms Colt M4 Dytac tracer/silencer + SCAR flashider Daniel Defense Mk.18 RIS II King Arms VLTOR low-profile gas block Surefire X200B weaponlight Magpul PTS AFG Magpul PTS P-mag w/ranger plate Magpul PTS MOE trigger-guard Magpul PTS MOE grip Magpul PTS MOE stock Magpul PTS ASAP sling plate Magpul MS2 sling EOtech 512 holosight Aimpoint 3x magnifier Larue FTS mount King Arms 11v Li
  3. Me and some of the team in action:
  4. Nice setup mate - similar to what i'd like to do. Tell me - do the Pmags go into a Tavor without any modification whatsoever?
  5. Haha! Well, we've all got to start somewhere mate - i've lost count of the number of bad throws me and my lot have done in the past! Here are some tips for using the high-port position:- Ideally, have the weapon in a high port so that your forearm goes up the back of the man in front of you. This way, your control hand/arm will be able to lean on him, and his back will provide support. This leaves your support hand free to communicate with your teammates, and access gear. By pushing into your teammate's back, you will show him that you are in a state of readiness, and when he en
  6. Nice gear mate - that stack could do with a bit of a fine tune though:- 1. Get your lads closer together - if you're planning on doing an entry into a room, you want to get your first two guys through the door together as one. Also, physical contact between your teammates will let them know where the rest of their team is without them having to look around. This way, they can concentrate on the job at hand. 2. Make sure that your weapons aren't pointing at each other. This is something that even the pros mess up on from time to time (sometimes with very unpleasant consequences). I'm
  7. They are a good retailer - speak to James
  8. Mine just turned up, and i've just finished test-firing it. *Splurge* I've got to say, this is one of the best airsoft purchases i have EVER made. Now i'm just awaiting the arrival of more 40rnd mags, and a silencer adaptor for my tracer unit... *Splurge #2*
  9. HAHA!! Good to see my fellow DAs keeping it real Excellent work on the photos mate - i wish i could've been there myself!
  10. SNAP! Kitkat thieves are everywhere these days...
  11. Good seller ...items shipped in good time and packaged well... would deal with again

  12. Thanks to Maple Leaf, i've now made a new addition to my HK armoury... Stock open: Stock closed: W/locaps: *splurge*
  13. @ Eisenhorn That's what i figured mate Eventually, there comes a time in airsoft when you either sit back and settle for what you have, or you try to push the envelope and increase the challenge/realism. I believe that operating under pressure brings out the best in me, and the looks on everyone's faces when i beat their times in the assault course whilst doing 2 tactical reloads and a transition midway through are priceless It's not just about winning - but about a glorious victory with style and elegance - something that i believe the WAM4 helps to deliver in this kind of en
  14. Overview:- Just came back from 3 days of CQC training, and the WAM4 performed flawlessly. All of the training was conducted on semi-auto, using targets ranging from full-size, to smaller ones about the size of your fist (distance ranging from 10 feet to 30 feet away). I was using 0.3g ammo with green gas, and an EOtech for optics. The hop and internals were left completely untouched after getting the piece out of the box. 4x magazines were loaded with 30 rounds each. Performance:- The WAM4 was consistently accurate at all stations - RI, CP, reaction range, and assault course. Using Ma
  15. Got one a little over 2 weeks ago, and i must say that this is probably one of the best built, highest performing AEGs i've ever owned. The furniture is solid, and the range with the hop properly tuned is awesome. The only issues i've had are with the ancillaries: The little spring-loaded catch on the dust cover shot across my living room (and into oblivion) upon opening it for the first time with the cocking handle, and the tiny pin holding the bolt-release in place managed to do a runner. That said, the lovely lads at Airsoft Armoury have already offered to supply me with the spare
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