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    Full CO19 loadout (Met issue gear + coveralls)
    Full PSD loadout (5.11 clothing + tan gear)
    Full DarkAngel loadout (ACU + black gear)
    Full Multicam loadout (multicam clothing + gear)

    KA TroyA3 (w/Troy Medieval flashider)
    HK 416 2003 ver. (tuned internals, Hurricane HKM4D body, modstock w/rubber buttpad, HK gasblock, HK diopter sights, G5 silencer)
    WA M4CQB (Steel flashider, LE stock)
    Mp5a4 (tuned internals, metal body, Met issue scopemount, Surefire foregrip).
    Mp5k (w/PDW stock, lowmount, Aimpoint)

    EOTech 512
    Insight M3
    M6 replica
    mp5 RAS foregrip

    KSC Glock 17 w/Shooter's design silver slide
    KWA Glock 19
    KJ Sig P229
    WA Infinity w/Shooter's design silver slide
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    Avid martial artist - specialising in arnis and jiujitsu. Particularly focused on the study of combatives and self-protection.
  1. Janno

    Videos Thread !

    Me and some of the team in action:
  2. Janno

    Pictures of you in the field or at a game

    HAHA!! Good to see my fellow DAs keeping it real Excellent work on the photos mate - i wish i could've been there myself!
  3. Janno

    Videos Thread !

    Firefight Combat Simulations trailers: http://www.firefight.co.uk/index.php?optio...38&Itemid=1 Corny as hell, but we had a good laugh putting them together. Enjoy!!
  4. Janno

    Videos Thread !

    Having just been made by Alex aka. Kinch, there's some footage of the last DarkAngel CQB Training session (February) on this thread: http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/forums/inde...=0entry689502 For those interested, there is another one coming up on the 25th-26th of this month, run by Firefight, in London. Andy.
  5. Janno

    Shotguns, and why I love them...

    ... And then you have to go around picking up the shells afterwards, which leads to back problems, which'll eventually put you in a wheelchair. You'll have to change your forum handle to Ironside or something. Then again, i know one guy who put a Tesco bag on the side of his to catch the shells...
  6. Janno

    Dark Angel XIX.....

    As said on the night, it was a well-deserved badge. Tom and i only made brief mention of you to the top brass, and it was up to them when/if you'd be invited to join. In the end, it was your fast movement, high degree of awareness, and overly fair play that won over our tactical advisor (Euan). Lex also took an interest in how you were doing throughout the night, and there were no doubts that you would make an excellent addition to the team. Sadly, i had a site to run, and couldn't keep watch the whole time, but from what i saw, your play and sportsmanship was excellent - just the thing we need to continue to raise the profile of our team. Welcome to the brotherhood. Andrew Janson Firefight London Firefight DarkAngel 2iC

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