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  1. **drool** @ corps Thinking about getting an burris fastfire + iron dot... I want a real AP T1 but too expensive
  2. If I recall correctly the proper way to mount that forward red dot is at an angle on the right side of the gun for righties (like in the magpul picture); read the "ACOG/MRD mounting option" review: http://www.militarymorons.com/weapons/ar.optics2.html But I'm guessing you are a lefty judging by the flashlight setup and ambi lower
  3. looks just like my pelican 1700
  4. dang jarhead, your gun is the evermore evolved version of mine haha. good work on the bad lever. what gasblock are you using? is that the real gooseneck?
  5. I don't have the CTR or MIAD (yet) but... Magpul ASAP Magpul XTM panels Magpul trigger guard ACM MBUS
  6. Thanks! As for the duostock, man that looks FUGLY, but damn I bet it's ergonomic! And PEQs... mine has a laser but it's 4sho when I take pictures. I mean.. if you milsim airsoft, all the hispeed tacticool stuff is just adding weight half the time. When I'm running around with a plate carrier & 1st line and a helmet in my PCU getting KOed by fellas in standard BDUs and chest rigs... well it makes me wonder
  7. almost... I need an interest free 500$ loan
  8. UBR on a 7.5" O_O not my cup of tea, but otherwise quite a looker
  9. oooooh a current gen accupoint on spr E mount xD <3 so purty... is that going to be an all black gun?
  10. Pretty! but I'd think a flush mag would look nicer if you weren't already thinking of it
  11. Titleist: all you need to break the $20,000s in accessories for a single airsoft gun is a PVS 14, and the new Larue QD-low-profile quadruple PEQ mount with optional ATM attachment. but seriously, I would consider regrouping 10 of my best professional thieves to steal that from your vault.
  12. Haven't seen the exact thing, but I've always wanted it (sig). When I wanted it though there weren't ACM clones of the rail, magnifier or m900. Plenty of people have had larue forends + troys and the ACM magnifier... so I'm sure someone could slap the parts together pretty fast.
  13. Corps, that SR16 based off Costa's carbine is an absolute beaut!
  14. sweet setup Nate; is that the EBB comtac II? how is it, does the active sound protection work?
  15. if only that pumpkin knew how awesome it looked
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